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So I have been searching high and low for the perfect new planner. My timing however wasn’t any good. Apparently planners come out about twice a year. The ones coming out now are for August mostly and directed more towards students.

I was looking for a mommy blogger planner. I didn’t want to get online and print one as I wanted it to be small easy to carry and durable. I wanted it to have lots of space. Space for grocery list and menu planning. A spot for the kids appointments and functions they would need to attend.

I wanted it to have a pocket. For money or coupons of course! I really had it completely envisioned in my head before my search begun. I was not willing to settle for less.

After searching many stores I found it! Inside Barnes and Noble this HUGE book store that I could have been lost in for days without complaint. The Amy Knapp’s Family Planner was absolutely the perfect planner. You can hear more about my adventure in the book store here . The planner has a side tab for menu and grocery list that tears off to easily take into the store! Does it get any cooler than that?

It come equip with stickers for the kids activities and appointments. Amy Knapp’s Planner is the #1 National Bestselling Organizer and frankly I know why! It’s awesome the covers provide the durability that I was hoping for. The front cover even has the pocket that I was so hoping for. It meets all of my needs and then some.

2 thoughts on “New Planner!

  1. Ohhh. I LOVE planners! i’ll have to look more into this one- it sounds will equipped for my busy lifestyle! Thanks for sharing.

    1. daniellemomof8gmailcom says:

      It is perfect for busy lifestyle! It seems to have a spot or a sticker for nearly everything!

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