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As soon as I seen the movie “Flint” was out I knew I had to see it. As a teenager the family I lived with had most of their family residing in Flint. From 2000-2001 I spent much of my time visiting the town. At the time the Gm plant had recently closed and the economy was taking a nose dive.

My visits were mostly to the church or dinners with the family. I never noticed the poverty that was becoming Flint. It went unnoticed to my teenage eye.

Watching the movie seeing the struggle of the mom’s fighting for their children was an emotional time. I can’t imagine fighting for clean water. Something I see as a right. I mean your surely not intending to pay a water bill for water that isn’t able to be used in any way safely.

I was applaud to see that money could make people rationalize the unsafe water. That it was covered up how ill they made the children. At the same time seeing a group of women come together and make a difference is uplifting. To know that everyday people can make a difference you just must make your voice loud enough.

It was easy for politicians to turn an eye to the iron problem. You could see the chain of command and it’s influence. Money can create such evil in people.

I was happy to see the steps in the direction to fix the problem. Although this will be a long recovery road for Flint. I can’t say I could have stayed and fought like the brave women in the movie. I think I would have gotten my children to safer water before making a stand. What would you have done in their shoes? Watch this amazing movie and tell me!

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