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Have you ever been scrolling through face book and come across a post and think oh that would be cool to have? The other day I did just that. I was scrolling my page and a friend had shared these bars that I thought frankly were genius! I haven’t felt safe at my place since I moved in here.
The kids and Marc both had demonstrated how easy it was to penetrate through my locks and door protection. It was a little push and you were into the house. How can you possibly feel safe with that knowledge? Well I couldn’t.
I thought I’d be cute and share the post of the bars. I tagged my boyfriend in them and said babe I need two please! I am not sure he even looked at what the item was before the man had them in the cart. With prime shipping they were due to be at our house in just 24 hours!
Marc sent me a text and told me to look in the Amazon Cart. I missed the hints he was sending to look like three times before he was blunt and said babe check my amazon account orders! I finally picked up on the giant signals he had been sending for many messages. Feeling a bit silly when I looked in the cart and the bars were there.
When they came I taught Allen and Hailey how to use them. Day one they were tried out. I had left and Allen locked the doors with them. Hailey came home before me and tried to break into the house and was not able to. No matter what she tried there was no way to get into the doors. My cheap old doors with janky locks that left me worried all the time were no longer penetrable.

I myself could feel relieved. I was able to get much more sleep. My son and daughter both made comments they are far less worried with them in place. My 7 year old autistic son can no longer answer the door on his own. Which is a HUGE plus. It was scary when he would open the front door while your in the bathroom. I give these bars a 10/10! I love them! I will order another soon to lock the kids out of my bedroom at night!

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