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I was beyond excited to realize that Marc would have the 4th of July off from work. YAY! I mean seriously I adore every moment of that man’s time! He warms me from within. The downfall is we just had a big expensive weekend. Both our checks will be delayed a day because of the holiday. We needed to be frugal for 4th of July. I wanted all the kids together and Marc’s family too! I loved that we would be at his house. It feels like our place. Even though I still have my own home too. This is the one we all feel like home in!
Want to know my budget for the dinner and treats. $20! Nope Not kidding not even a little! I had 11 people eight of which being starving children I knew would raid the kitchen twenty times before the fireworks would end. They would be bottomless pits who would consume everything in site! I would need quantity for them. Think numbers what would feed the herd.
Since my budget is tiny the first thing to do is raid the cabinets and the fridge at home. Seeing what you have that you can make work and buy less. I buy everything in bulk as you can imagine. I hit the meat market twice a month. I only buy the sale items and I buy them in mass quantities. So last week they had sausage rolls if you bought 10 they were a $7.90 steal for all of them! So there was a lot of that and chicken! Boneless skinless chicken breast was on sale by the case. A case being 40 lbs. and I had bought three. So I have tons of chicken there has to be something I can make with that to feed the family.
So I have the meat. that is the biggest obstacle. Now what do I make with it???? I take to the cabinets opening one after another. Taco seasoning! That’s it I can make tacos with it in the crock! Then I minimize the heat in the house and have a simple dinner. I knew there was some cheese hanging out at the Baroda house and sour cream. I decided nachos would be the easiest! I just would need chips and some more cheese. Boom I can totally get that in my budget! Score! Mom WIN!

Now to get started on snacks. I knew we had popcorn at Marc's the kids had gotten it quite some time ago with this shaker that was some kind of white cheddar seasoning they had been wanting to try. So I grabbed a large bowl from my place for popping that. I again take to my cabinet. Cake mixes galore. I truly am very picky about my frosting and there was not a one I enjoyed in the cabinet. There was however pudding by the boatloads. A light bulb went off! Pudding can be dyed for the fourth of July colors! So I originally thought I could bake cupcakes and use the pudding for filling them and color it. Then just pick up some frosting.
When I got to the store they had white chocolate chips on sale for a buck! I had to have those. Strawberries on sale for just two dollars. Those hopped into the cart too! I now had chocolate covered strawberries on the menu! I grabbed 3 bags of chips just 2 dollars each for the dinner and seen brownie mix on clearance. I ended up purchasing those as well. So the gears turn and I decide that cupcakes just won't due! I'll make a bowl with the pudding and brownie and cakes. I grab 2 containers of whip cream as I make my way to the exit. My total comes to under 18 dollars.
I make a pit stop for some serving bowls. I stop at the local thrift store I volunteer at and find two perfect glass bowls. One was a dollar and fifty cents and the other just fifty cents! I was ecstatic. They would be perfect!
I went home got kids cutting the chicken into cubes and it into the crock. It would simply need water and seasoning when done and wallah we would have dinner! I made all the puddings and colored them red, white, and blue, I colored a bit of my fingers trying to open the blue dye. I finally scrubbed that free this morning. :-/ I baked the brownies and the cake. I layered it all in my perfect bowls. I melted and colored the white chocolate chips and let the girls giggle dipping the strawberries. It all came together easily. Low stress for me. It barely cost a thing in our budget.
When everyone arrived and they begun to eat and rave of how good it was I sat smiling feeling so accomplished. Watching them clean their plates and return to the kitchen was so fulfilling. Everyone enjoyed. Including myself as I indulged in the meal and the dessert too!

3 thoughts on “My Frugal Desserts For Fourth

  1. Everything tasted so yummy! You never cease to amaze me, sweetheart! I so enjoyed being with you all! Now I am looking forward to tomorrow and going with you to be with my dad!

  2. Bryan Carey says:

    Sounds like you had a nice holiday feast! And it’s hard to go wrong with nachos, tacos, etc

  3. Sunrita says:

    Sounds like you have really planned on your festivities really well. I do something similar when it comes to large gatherings. Raid the cupboards and try using what I have left.

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