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The last weekend as we were driving the highway I saw a billboard sign advertising the Battle Creek Field of Flight Air Show & Balloon Festival. Upon seeing it I immediately took to my phone for information on it. Reading through the information I start to call out the planes that would be there. Marc lights up from within as he always does when I speak of planes with him. He enjoys planes there is no doubt in my mind but he enjoys sharing them with me even more! I’ve known that since the first week we were together. So I have always paid close attention to him when he shares of them.
I knew right away it was a must do. I spent the week sharing the flyers and talking of it. Sadly the heat index was suppose to be awful for the weekend of the festival. It left our decision to go completely in the air. We didn’t really know what to expect. We had no idea that we would be allowed to bring in coolers. In fact we were certain that wouldn’t be allowed. It was!
We made the decision on Friday night to just go. Thinking we would retreat the the car and keep a cooler there for our needs. We planned out a budget for our weekend. We didn’t however prepare well at all. We weren’t aware that we were able to bring in chairs and coolers. We forgot to wear hats or sunglasses. We didn’t bring sunscreen. Who on earth sits in the sun all day without it? Yay, that would be us. Next time we would be far more prepared.
As we pulled up we could see a p52 flying. It was swooping down so low we all watched in amazement. You could see him barrel roll and swoop repeatedly as we made our way through the long entrance to the parking space. They also had many many fair attraction type rides. Wristbands were available to purchase for the price of thirty bucks. We passed on that.
Walking up we seen the cooler check spot and were discouraged of our unpreparedness. Keeping walking it was clear there was no shade anywhere. I giant blow up beer can gave a few families a bit of cover but other then that and the beer tent there was not any shade to be found. This made it for a scorcher of a day. We walked the runway watching planes take off. After seeing there was no where to get shade we decided to make a pass around the field and see what all there was to see. You were able to do so and still see all the activities the planes were doing.
Jake, Hailey, and Marc wen’t into a Air Force simulator while Clare bear and I stood and watched more planes. While they were inside the simulator this ginormous plane appears. It was a V-22 Osprey it could just take off going straight vertical no run way needed. It was so massive and just took all my attention. The man standing next to me had a pretty nice camera with large zoom lens on it. He told Clare and I that the man in the door of this plane which was open was waiving and saluting to us. I just thought that was the coolest thing.

Next up was the aerobatic planes. There was a purple and green one that was simple gorgeous. It appeared to change colors in the sun and just sparkled like a diamond.
It was doing all kind of fantastic feats. It would fly straight up and then drop going end over front. Then sometimes it would drop end first. The plane would appear as though it was just about to crash and then pop right back up. By far the coolest thing I had ever seen.
The kids head into an arm simulator while I scoop out some of the vendors. They had so many cool vendors. Those with hand made dream catchers and purses. They had tobacco vendors. ( Not that I am a smoker EWWWWW!) They had food galore. Typical fair food from the elephant ears to the giant slabs of ribs. It smelled intoxicating. I was drooling the entire time walking by. I made my rounds before I picked what I wanted the most though.
Marc announced we each got to pick one treat and one drink. I was stoked but how could I honestly pick just one? I decided on a caramel cheesecake elephant ear. I wasn’t disappointed at all! It was to die for a giant fresh made elephant ear covered in a cream cheese icing drizzle and caramel sauce. Also topped with a cinnamon sugar mixture. Hailey got herself a red velvet funnel cake. It had the same cream cheese drizzle and it had powdered sugar on the top. Clare and Marc both got a funnel cake with powdered sugar and cinnamon sugar mixture. Jake found himself some deep fried oreo’s. Everyone loved their treats! We got lemonades and snow cones for our drinks. Mine went completely down the front of me when my cone part cracked. It was so hot I didn’t mind much other than being sticky for the rest of the day.
We laid down and watched the speed cars. They raced a half a mile 2 by 2. There was a car that hit 182 mph. He sounded sweet. Right behind was a logger challenge. I made my way there but only caught the tail end of the performance. I did get to see them rolling on them which was so awesome. The men performing were quite the characters. They had me laughing the entire time I was watching.
Sadly the hot air balloons,I was so looking forward to watching those go up were canceled. Along with the motorcycle stunt show that Jake was really looking forward too. The heat pretty much ruined us wanting to stay long enough to watch the fire works. Next year we would surely return far better prepared for a much better experience. It was a fantastic experience with the family.

4 thoughts on “Battle Creek Field of Flight Air Show & Balloon Festival

  1. Sounds like great fun was had by all! A wonderful family outing!

    1. daniellemomof8gmailcom says:

      It was a great time! We melted a tad bit and were so happy coming home to the central air at the end of the night but we were so glad we went. Next year we will be so prepared! It was our 44th family weekend. On the way home we talked of how much each one has just been so amazing!

  2. Everything On A Plate says:

    A caramel cheesecake elephant ear ? that is the first we have heard of it ! 😮

    This trip sounds like fun … I think we need to add it to out Must Visit List ! <3

    1. daniellemomof8gmailcom says:

      The caramel cheesecake elephant ear is something my taste buds will never forget. It was so good!

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