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I became a morning person years ago. As a child I was not! As a teen I think I tried to sleep my life away during those years. Maybe it was when I started the early morning cooking jobs that my internal clock to a change. I wake now everyday around 7 am. Sometimes as early as 6 am and sometimes I sleep in till 8. I am always up by 8 unless I am sick then chances are I am laying in bed simply because it hurts to do a thing else.
Marc, that man is not a morning person. If allowed he can easily sleep the day away till 1 pm or more. I remember my first night spending the night he slept half the next day. I found out that breakfast for him was really lunch! Those first few sleepovers I got very good at everwing. Some silly little game on facebook I would play with the kids. I would play in on silent trying hard not to move of wake him for hours and hours.
I would go to bed at 9ish when I meet Marc. On the good days 8 pm would make my heart happy to be in bed. Marc would be use to staying up till 2 or 3 in the morning! He had to force himself to bed at 11 on work nights. I wondered how exactly the two of us would work. Not only how do we co exist and both get our desired sleep but how do we get time together too.
So I adjusted a bit to staying up a little later most weekends. I stay up will around 11 sometimes even 12 if we are really enjoying some fun activity. If I am really tired Marc will notice and put me to bed early though. I stay up just to enjoy some time with him. When it’s time for me to get to bed. Marc will first come tuck me in. He will get in bed and snuggle with me and have our bed time talk. It’s become my favorite part of our days. He then checks to make sure I have whatever I might need at night. My water bottle or a snack if I might want. Sometimes he will put some meds at bedside. In case I am not feeling well.
After tucking me in and giving me my bedtime kisses he leave the room to do the same with all the animals and kids. Checking their needs. Shutting off the lights. Checking the fish tank for it’s needs. Grabbing his own bedtime snack. He never goes to bed without a snack on the corner of the bed frame for his middle of the night munchies. He then takes himself to the shower. Our bedroom light is left off for me but the tv remains on giving him some light. We have a bathroom in our bedroom at both houses. After his shower he snacks and watches tv. I never even hear him reenter the room after the shower I am always asleep by then. He stays up for hours past me. This gives him his own alone time too. He sometimes plays a video game. Sometimes gets on some adult entertainment and enjoys to himself with some headphones. It’s his time to do as he pleases while I peacefully sleep next to him!
We will hold hands time to time at night and cuddle as well. I wake up all the time to being on his chest or holding hands. In his sleep sometimes he just knows when I have awaken in pain and pats his chest so I know it’s okay to come be held. We have a large bed. He bought it during our first month together. I think he quickly saw I would be a permanent weekend fixture in his life. We do sleep in separate blankets though. Our temperatures are polar opposite. If I were to try to sleep with his thin blanket I would need it all and to wrap up like a burrito to stay warm enough and then he has been left to freeze. This may have happened a few times before we decided 2 blankets were a must. I use a thick heavy comforter. I sometimes share his and have my own too. He has central air that he keep set to polar express.
In the morning when I wake up. I take myself a shower. It helps me feel refreshed and awake! I love having a peaceful shower while everyone is still fast asleep. Marc stays in bed and isn’t waken by the shower. After my shower I grab my laptop ( My laptop at Marc’s it’s actually his but I am the only one who uses it) from the corner of our bedroom to blog. I blog or promote my blog every morning on the weekends. Usually for a couple hours straight. Then I wake the birds and kids and feed them. I make Marc breakfast in bed. Waking him around afternoon time.
It works out so perfectly us having different sleep schedules. We both get alone time. We both are attentive of each others needs so we give each other plenty of time together too. It’s like our little match made in heaven. I couldn’t be more blessed.


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  1. CherishingFLo

    This reminded me so heavily of my own relationship! I’m a morning person and he’s a night person. I don’t have kids but other than that it’s soooo similar. He also needs a snack for his late night munchies and does his showering and stuff at night. I always wake up between 7 and 8 and that’s when I do a lot of my blog promoting also! It is convinient. Sometimes I don’t like it because with Ira (my boyfriends name) I feel as if he doesn’t get as much accomplished because he works all afternoon and there are other dreams he has that he wants to do so he needs that morning time to do it! He’s trying to start getting up in the morning. I really enjoyed reading this! Great post!


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