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Okay, sorry about the delay on part 3 but honestly life is sooooo busy! Recap in case you missed or have forgotten. For Hailey and Malachi’s bday’s we first went to the amazing pet store. Then off to zap zone for a major adventure! After both of those are tummies are rumbling. Our energy spent and we were all ready for some grub.

We had preplanned a pizza a dinner celebration at a pizza place called Sir Pizza. It was close to where we would finish up our day. We had already given the menu a run through online so we knew it had what Hailey was wanting for her dinner. It was going to be perfect.
What we hadn’t planned was for the pride festival that was going on through town. The road all around the pizza place was blocked off with barricades. A line a mile long there was no way any of us could sit the wait. We were at starvation mode from all the activities. Marc quickly googled another Sir Pizza on route to home only about 11 miles from where we were.
Upon arrival we were instantly disappointed. From the car it appeared that they didn’t have indoor seating. Maybe just 3 two tops for waiting for your order. We frantically searched for another. At 9:30 at night the options are limited as you can imagine. We bite the bullet and go in determined to make it work. To our surprise there is a 4 top table as well. We pull up a chair. It’s clearly not much of inside dinning. To go menus are used to order and you walk to the counter and place the order. To go cups and a fountain machine sit in the lobby as well. Mismatched plates came out with the pizza and cinnamon sticks. The food was hot and delicious. We all really enjoyed eating both. The pizza was cut to squares and the 5 of us easily were able to eat our full with a few slices the kids took home and smashed in the car during the ride home. Overall we were satisfied with our meal.
On the way to our adventurous day I asked everyone in the car of their favorite birthdays. Michigan Adventure, and camping were their favorites. Marc was the bday we meet. ( HOW SWEET IS THAT MAN!) Mine was when I was 6 and had a pony. On the way home the kids said the new answer was this bday. Both explained this had been the best bday to date. They exclaimed of all the things they enjoyed until their eyelids were to heavy to keep open. I too found myself drifting off as Marc safely got us all home about midnight.

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  1. Good times were had by all! 🎉

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