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After our pet store adventure the kids wanted to laser tag. They had asked to go back to the small little spot we had gone to in our run down local mall again. That clearly wasn’t what I had planned for them. I had searched and searched for the coolest laser tag adventure I could find. I think I did a fantastic job with my choice of Zap Zone. It actually blew my own expectations away completely. I was impressed with how much fun it was and how well set up it was. It wasn’t limited to just laser tag it had glo golf, springs ( a trampoline center), an arcade, bumper cars, their own build a bear, and a simulator. They had packages where you could buy 3 activities for 18$ or 4 for 21$. We let the kids get 4 and we got 3. All of us choosing two games of laser tag to play together.
Our first activity was laser tag! They first take you into a room and explain the rules. The room is cool in itself everything very bright and neon there are over sized steps to sit on and hear your instructions. There were power ups including shields and rapid fire. They had bases you had to protect. You got extra points for taking out the others. It was out of this world cool. We all suited up for our first round. Free for all! Each of us against each other and one other little girl about age 10 played with us. She was a sneaky little thing that loved to target Jacob. Lol she got me a couple times as well. The game lasted about 20 mins and boy is it FUN! There are 6 ramps going all up and over the place. Everything is colorful and bright. There are windows cut out of he walls to sniper the opposing team. It’s honestly just a complete blast and full of giggles. I took 3rd place! Out of all 6 of us. Marc took last again. I seriously get a good chuckle out of the man who has a shooting range membership always taking last place in the family laser tag. Jake took first as always the kid has a heck of an aim. We all came out sweating our tushes off. In fact Marc and I chose to sit while kids went on to next activity afterward.
Second thing the kiddos did was head to Spring. It was similar to the trampoline park we have by Marc’s work but with so much more to do. The one by him is mostly just trampolines and jumping. This one had a rock climbing wall and many other obstacles. A joist and punching thingy. Lol a beam where the kids got huge boxing gloves to go at it and push each other into a foam pit. A wall to run up and then take a giant leap off. They had basketball hoops and music. There was well painted graffiti looking walls. They turned off the lights for a little over half of the thirty min jumping time. The kids were tuckered out after the jumping all beat red and pouring in sweat.
Next up was glo golf for Marc and I and bumper cards for the kids. Ill be honest when I walked up to the golf I thought I had wasted my money it appeared tiny and I thought we would be bored. I was dead wrong! It was to me the coolest part of zap zone and I was bummed the kids hadn’t joined. Marc and I loved it. I told you of the bright colorful experiences already… this one put those to shame. It was a amazon jungle! A tree house in the middle. It went down and up stairs and it had hand painted everything! I wanted to take a million pictures but my hands were full keeping score, carrying my ball and club and phone, and Marc was hurrying me along as there were people behind us. I also couldn’t get great pics on my android in the black lights. It was beyond marvelous! I didn’t get to see the kids at the bumper cars but I heard it was fun as well but only lasted about 5 mins.
Jake got Hailey a build a bear. A pink stuffed monkey in pajama’s. It was so cute. They had a whole room set up just like build a bear. They didn’t have the heart to put inside instead it was a star. Their version I guess.
Last up was the arcade games. It was massive. The best coolest games I had ever seen. Marc found his way to a plane simulator there too. While the kids focused on ticket winnings. I watched their smiles and lost a bunch of tokens on some silly push the tokens over the edge game. They had a 20 dollar for 100 token deal and easily we blew 50$ in 15 mins. Which personally was fine with me as I was starving and soooooo ready for the final stage of the day. FOOD!!! I would love to go back to zap zone many more times I truly enjoyed the time with the kids 20180616_185312_std.original20180616_190345_std.original


25 thoughts on “Bday Celebrations Part 2

  1. Looks like the whole family had great fun! Lovely pics! Enjoy!

    1. daniellemomof8gmailcom says:

      We did have such a good time. The lighting made it difficult to get good pictures. These don’t do it justice. Everything was bright and hand painted and vibrant! The black lights were everywhere!

  2. Sounds like a perfect place to have fun with kids!

  3. sounds you had great fun. good place to chill with family

  4. Happy belated birthday, I hope that you had an amazing day! I love that you went to the arcade, that reminds me of when I went to as a child to the seaside and there was an arcade on the pier that we used to play on!

    1. daniellemomof8gmailcom says:

      This arcade was so massive. The games are far more high tech then when I was a child. I was blown away by the graphic. Thank you so much for the bday wishes!

  5. ninalehan21 says:

    happy belated bday πŸ™‚ looks like you guys had a blast. it is always good to spend time together

  6. Alison Rost says:

    This is definitely my kind of birthday celebration! It’s full of family fun and it’s something that the kids will remember for the rest of their lives! Happy birthday! I’m glad you had a fantastic day!

  7. It is more fun to celebrate birthdays with family and in this kind of entertainment. Cool and of course savvy πŸ˜€

  8. mrsyoungade says:

    You sure had a fun birthday celebration. I like playing laser tag, and playing on the arcade seems like a good idea as well. Happy birthday

  9. Jennifer L says:

    Oh wow talk about partying in style! I’ve always wanted to do some laser tag because it sounds like so much fun. You guys certainly looked like you were having a blast.

  10. Seems like you and your family had lots of fun together. I also love doing laser tag. It’s so much fun!!!

  11. Looks like you had such a great time. I love it when we get to play as adults. So fun!

  12. Everything On A Plate says:

    Well there is not doubt in our mind that you had quite a fun and entertaining birthday! We are waiting for ours

  13. Seems like you and your family had lots of fun together. I also love doing laser tag. It’s so much fun!

  14. Annemarie LeBlanc says:

    Belated birthday greetings! I love looking at your photos. You and your family certainly had fun! If my husband did not have some mobility issues, we’d be doing that too!

  15. simplysensationalfood says:

    It sounds like you are having wonderful birthday celebrations through all the activities that you are doing . What a great way to make memories.

  16. Simerbir Singh says:

    this is the perfect way to celebrate the birthdays. Enjoyed reading and watching this post a lot.

  17. Kristine Nicole Alessandra says:

    What a fun birthday celebration! You made me think of having something similar on my birthday too. Happy to see families having good times together like you did.

  18. Just like you, I also love birthdays when I get to celebrate with my family! Going out together and having fun is just memorable! Happy birthday!

  19. wow, your family must be fan of doing adventurous outing…what a great way to simply celebrate the day with family…Your family is rocking…stay blessed like this forever.

  20. Emily says:

    This looks like such a fun way to spend a birthday! Celebrating with your family is always so great!

  21. Ruth I. says:

    Oh wow. All the activities look so fun! I would love to try the laser tag with my family too.

  22. Mel Knibb says:

    My four love laser tag too! My eldest is about to turn 10 and he picked that as his birthday party πŸ™‚

    1. daniellemomof8gmailcom says:

      Oh how wonderful. It really is just so much fun! I hope you blog and share all about your adventures as well. Be sure to share it with me if you do so I can read your experiences as well.

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