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Last night just after dinner Aaden gives me the kind reminder that I have promised him ( probably 5 months prior when a trailer came on the tv that too long ago for me to remember at all! ) to take him to see the Incredibles 2 movie. It was his birthday just 12 days later and he wanted to see it on opening day for his bday. The issue with this is that the 15th is his older brother’s bday. I hadn’t taken any of that in account at the time I had said, “yes.” I mean after all who even remembers saying yes? So, now I have a bday for a 14 year old to plan and pull off and a movie date with a soon to be 8 year old. No biggie. I picked the earliest time they had. I chose that for two reason’s. Firstly because it was half the cost if you went to the first showing. $2.50 for a movie! With that price whoever woke up and wanted to go could do so. I was thinking secondly that if I went that early on a Friday the place would be a ghost town. Boy was I dead wrong in that logic! Everyone had the exact same idea I had clearly as we purchased the very last 5 seats together! In row e. So row E is not where I would choose I would absolutely be a row A kind of girl. Row E is just three rows from the very front of the screen. The seats are still the older sit straight up kind of seats. Not the reclining kind they have at the theater Marc always splurges for. I remembered my sweater. I was instantly thankful I had and used it for my blanket. The kids all got cotton candy and one large popcorn. The popcorn was super stale. The cotton candy very fresh. Aj was lite up like a Christmas tree in excitement for the movie. Before the movie begins there is a cute skit of why number 2 took so darn long to come out. I thought that was an adorable touch. Also is a movie of a mother and son. It was of a son growing up and leaving to marry. It too was so cute. Incredibles 2 was action packed. The baby gets his powers! The cutest part of the movie is the cute baby and his powers. I could so relate with cookies taming the beast! I couldn’t help but keep cuddling to the two kids on the sides of me. Watching them smile and eat their popcorn. I thoroughly enjoyed the laughter throughout the theater and would recommend it for a family movie night to anyone! My children that went with were 16,14,13,7 and were all so entertained!

7 thoughts on “Review Of Incredibles 2

  1. I’m glad to hear it was fun! Sounds great. We love the Incredibles so I’m glad its good. Fun family date!

  2. Sounds like an awesome night overall! Happy Birthday to your sons 🙂

  3. Sounds like a really good adventure!

  4. I’m glad you enjoyed the movie! I’m excited for us to see it, although we might have to wait impatiently for the dvd. Eek!

  5. This movie looks great! I’ll have to see it. 🙂

  6. thiswaymommy says:

    Sam – Thiswaymommy
    Yay! Thank you for this review. I checked out the trailer also and really can’t wait to see it, since I watched Incredibles 1 and love love loved it.

    Nice that you were able to get the seats at that price! Keep the reviews coming.

  7. I mean I already knew I was gonna go see it but this was definite confirmation!

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