Review Of Art Therapy Aquatica Coloring Book.

If you haven’t noticed I truly love to color. I enjoy mostly using markers to color with. Markers are permanent and show every flaw and imperfection. You have to learn to love your mistakes and make them work for you. I have quite the collection of markers at this time. I have about 12 coloring books as well. I am picky of my choosing of each. I like my coloring books to not have a coloring page on the back and the front. As I use markers they leak through destroying whatever page may have been on the back. I always feel torn in those books deciding which page I’d like to color and which to ruin. I truly enjoy the pages that have the solid black on the back of the coloring page. I settle for the ones who have just a white back page but have perforated edges making them easy to take out and color. It’s all about the bleed through. These coloring books wouldn’t have those issues if they were for colored pencils but my markers need upgraded books. The Aquatic Coloring Book has pages easily torn out! It is full of fun semi detailed and more in depth detailed pictures as well. I have already colored two pages since my purchase just yesterday! I love sea life pictures personally though they are so calming! I had a really peaceful time to myself after all the kids were asleep coloring to myself. Focused on how magnificent the color makes the page just pop. I have been creating my colored art work and mailing it to my family. I haven’t gotten any response to what I have sent yet but I enjoy coloring and sending them.

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  1. Mary B

    Coloring is such a great source of stress relief! I personally like the easier pictures (almost kids level). I may need to check this one out, it seems like a good one for me.

  2. Marilyn

    Awww, that is really sweet of you to color and send them to family. I truly hope they enjoy them and appreciate them.

    I have coloring pages and just don’t know where to start sometimes. Do you first plot of your color scheme? πŸ˜‚ that must be a weird question.

  3. Alison Rost

    I love art therapy and getting yourself a coloring book like this definitely helps. It’s so relaxing to just let go of your worries and start coloring the pages.

  4. ade young

    I havent tried using markers for my artwork, but it seems like a good idea also. ait is also nice that you send your artwork to your family also.

  5. Clarice Lao / Camping for Women

    I just started coloring again and I can say that it is truly therapeutic.

    Your version of this turtle is very beautiful. Keep coloring! Looking forward to seeing more of your work.

  6. Jhilmil

    Art Therapy, wow and aquatic theme with beautiful sea creatures is indeed a “good feel” one. This colouring books seems to help you unwinding and create an aura of happiness.

  7. Simerbir Singh

    Thanks for your wonderful review. I’m not an artist but enjoyed reading this post.

  8. Michele Dennis

    Love the turtle! I love coloring as well. I agree with you on preferring to have coloring books with only one side printed. I also prefer perforated edges so it’s easier to remove the pages. I am partial to fairy coloring books.

  9. Sigrid Says Blog

    Nice! So easy to give them out to someone as a personalized greeting. πŸ™‚ I have something like that, too, except that the pages are already loose. What I didn’t like was the artwork. Too elementary for me.


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