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Boris is a bird of my favorite color green!!! I can't express how much I truly love the color. Upon meeting Boris I fell in love. His belly was a bit bare at the time because he was a nervous plucker when he was in his previous home. Boris is a rescue bird. I'm not sure of his story before he came to be my bird but he is oh so loved now. I say he is my bird even though Marc is his owner because Boris decided long ago to take me as his mommy. It was just a few months into dating when I jokingly told Marc if we ever split ways I would need visitation rights to my boys. Boris is much more chatting than his brother Mack is. Boris can easily say sentences and repeats EVERYTHING! Think of a two year old in the back seat of the car picking up on all the front seat conversations. That is my boy Boris! He listens and mimics me like crazy! He can get my voice down to a T. The kids will often be confused thinking I have called them and it's Boris in the kitchen mimicking me for fun. Boris now has figured out exactly how to wrap mom around his finger. He will call me from the kitchen where his cage resides "Mom, come here. Come here Mom. " Repeating and repeating till I grace him with my presence. He wants nothing more than my attention. In the mornings while I am cooking breakfast he will growl like this cat growl to get me to share something yummy with him. Once I have given him a tastey treat he will begin to spin his head and whistle with delight. He no longer will hold his own food when it's me feeding him. He makes me stand and hold it while he takes the smallest bites ever until he finishes. Over the weekend I was sharing bites with him between cooking. Holding up my plate and little him eat what he wished from it. I had to walk back to the stove and he growled at me for walking away from him. I had sat the plate of my food on the table just a few feet from Boris. Boris went to the table and grabbed the plate and threw it at me! He wasn't happy about my stepping away to finish breakfast. He looks for me through the window from the kitchen to living room. Tapping on the glass to get me to look up from my blog and talk to him. I will sit and talk from one end of the house to my boy. I will find myself lost in the fresh veggies section at the grocery store thinking of treats the boys may enjoy. I had no idea how much I could love a bird. Boris is a musher for sure. He enjoys kisses on his beak and even having his beak rubbed. He will let me kiss all over his body and even gently pet most days. He will get off his cage and come search through the house for me if I try to shut the door and give myself quiet to blog. I can hear his little petter patter around the hard wood floors while he says" mom come here! " It fills my heart with joy to have his love.

12 thoughts on “Boris My Eclectus Macaw

  1. Ashley Mills says:

    This is so sweet! It’s cool how quick he took to you. Birds must be able to discern people well!

  2. Love this bird – always wanted to have Boris too;)

  3. Tola says:

    That is awesome, always love hearing the bond of pets and their owners.

  4. Natalie says:

    That is so cool!! It is so amazing to me that birds can talk !!

  5. Love this! I remember having a pet bird as a child it brought me back!

  6. You have a great blog! I really enjoyed reading this!

  7. yahoo2me says:

    Animals, no matter their variety are like kids…always demanding attention. Boris sounds like a special and pampered kud.

  8. Elizabeth O says:

    Aw this is a great post, it is really sweet to hear you had a immediate bond with him.

  9. Amanda Parker says:

    This makes me want a bird sooo bad! I’ve had family members who have them as pets and they seem like the perfect companions!

  10. Faith Still says:

    How sweet. I want to get chicken eventually and think they are the sweetest birds too if you get the right breeds that are more gentle by nature.

  11. Evelyn Lo Foreman says:

    Marcus sounds remarkable! What fun it is have a pet interact with you in this way. It makes life satisfying and enchanting. Xo, Evelyn, PathofPresence

  12. Sanjeev says:

    Love the post. I have kept many pets over the years and always enjoyed the bond with them. Haven’t kept a bird till now but with your post I am tempted to try.

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