More Success For Clare Bear!

Today I was greeted at the door by Care Bear wanting to share her success with me! Clare is my middle daughter. She has just turned 13 in March. Clare was born at 26 weeks premature. She spent 4 ong months in the hospital fighting for her life! We knew she could face some learning disabilities and she has. This year she finally graduated from speech therapy which she has been in since birth! She has gotten herself into stem camp! She has gotten herself up to second chair in her middle school band. She has been diagnosed with a basic reading comprehension disability. She has an iep and gets special education services. She works very hard and has made leaps and gains beyond anything I could have hoped for. Tonight she brought home her map test scores She made huge gains from fall to winter and was beaming with pride. Also in her hand was a list of summer reading goal books. I thought it would be quite the treat for her if some of those books could be purchased for her on behalf of all her hard work. I told her to smile I would be posting her picture for the world and telling her story to see if anyone would like to help her learn to read better. She said, “tell them I’ll pass them on to the free store after I have read them each 100 times for another girl to read.” I said, “okay now say cheese. ” She giggled , ” Don’t show my picture to the world oh my goodness!!!” She doesn’t have any idea she is beautiful! I am attaching Clare's Wish List For Books if you feel compelled to purchase her one and have it sent to her directly! She loves getting mail!Clare Bear Book WISH LIST



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  1. lisajakesmomma

    Great work Clare! Keep up your hard work and you will do amazing things in life!


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