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Yesterday was a very hard day. I had to spend most of it in the room of the court house answering the most uncomfortable questions you can think of. After I had errands to run galore and was just feeling very tired. I wasn’t up for cooking and I contemplated leaving the children and sneaking to his house by myself. Going to Marc’s house on my own means quiet and peaceful. When I started to get ready there were two little boys with their eyes light up begging to go with. It sure would be easier to slip out without them…. I have to stop at the store and Paytyn has very little patience for the store. Six years old and autism we just avoid anything that might possibly cause more chaos in his world. HE wanted to go to Marc’s and his pleas to be there were reaching my heart. I bent down and explained how I’d need to stop at the store and it might take a lot longer than he would like to be there for. ( his patience is about 2 mins long. ) We made a deal for him to come. Then he was off to find himself some shoes. Except that was an even larger challenge and they couldn’t be located despite our best efforts. Paytyn hit melt down status as he hadn’t had time with Marc over the weekend either and he really wanted to see him! I decided that I was already committed so I would just purchase him some flip flops at meijer and avoid the longer searching. He was ecstatic at my idea. Arriving at meijer the store was packed. I hadn’t ever seen so many people in the store in fact. The lines were long and I had forgotten my entire list of needs. I scrambled to remember what I could and pick out shoes for my boy. He was so good in the store I was impressed. At Marc’s the good behavior continued. I ordered pizza hut as the day left me tired and and sore. I laid on the bed working on promoting my blog. ( it’s a huge part of my daily life) When Marc got home even after his long hard day at work with no ac he came and rubbed my leg while I worked. He just laid cuddling me for about an hour while the kids played games in the living room. When he was beckoned by a child he got up returning to me and continuing my leg rub after attending their needs. My hard days don’t seem as hard when he is at my side! I am truly blessed in life and love!

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