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Over the weekend we went out for dinner at our favorite place again! We almost go every weekend now because Tim’s Too is a favorite for us all! When we arrived this past weekend we were surprised to no wait at all! We would happily have waited an hour just as we had the weekend prior it’s absolutely worth it. Besides we don’t really mind waiting and hanging out together we enjoy family time very much. We were very excited to get to eat outside. Tim’s has about 4 or 5 maybe little patio tables directly outside of the restaurant. The tables give a great view through a giant picture window to the grill where your food is prepared. The chef cooks your meal right on the flat top in front of you. The kids get a kick out of watching. The set up is like a buffet. You get one bowl to fill with noodles, sauce, and veggies of your choosing. There are several different pasta options as well as about 13 sauce options. It’s absolutely delicious! In a separate smaller bowl you get to fill with meat. I always choose chicken and I put garlic ( they have this as a fresh option) and sea salt on my chicken so it will get cooked in on the grill. At the end of the line you have a chose station. It has these sticks that you can add to your bowl. They are for flat bread, tofu, scallops, and shrimp. The flat bread is so good we all opted for 2 each! When our food came I chose to go back for a bit more sauce. Your welcome to as much as you like after it’s prepared. So I did! Eating outside is a fantastic experience in itself. People watching at it’s finest all those walking by. There were many birds that would come up close hoping we would drop something for them to snatch up. The beach being just down the bluff and all the fancy cars that drove past. Our service was wonderful even greeted with a hug by the owner’s son! We feel like vip guest when we enter Tim’s Too

6 thoughts on “Tim’s Too A Family Favorite!!

  1. It’s the same story when we enter our usual restaurant..

  2. Your family sounds so sweet. 🙂 Most people don’t know the meaning of patience anymore, so the fact that you guys actually ENJOY spending time together is rare and special!!

  3. Dee says:

    Sounds yummy! I love this style of cooking. We had a Mongolian grill that was similar except it was to-go only but it is so good. And being in control of what they gets is always great for the little ones.

  4. The flatbread and shrimp sound amazing!

  5. Aww that sounds so fun! I bet it keeps the kids entertained too!

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