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The kiddos have been begging for laser tag all week long. Jake and Hailey wanted so badly to team up on me and Marc. Marc wasn’t really thrilled with the idea. He hadn’t really ever played before and just didn’t seem interested. He of course tried his best to hide that though. It was only 5 bucks to enter into the laser tag with many weekday specials and even some later in the evening specials that day! So I thought pricing was very reasonable. There was a really cool train mural going down the wall of the laser tag arena. Marc and I sat on some comfy lounge seating while Jake and Hailey played arcade games. We had a 12 min wait as someone had just entered a few moments before us. There was a huge industrial fan and many games for the kids. There was a pool table as well. I think there were two birthday parties going at the time as we seen rooms full of kids and pizza! When it was soon to be our turn we were given a 3 min get ready warning. Giving us the time to gather the kids from the arcade. First we entered into like a dark hallway. This is where I snapped the pictures at. It was there were you pick your gear. There was a blue and a red side. Marc and I got red and Jake and Hailey were blue. The employee made sure to check all of our equipment before we entered. Good thing because Hailey’s needed a charge and she had to switch out before we entered. When you go in it’s dark and all like black lighting. The walls and hiding spots are glowing. There is a ramp taking you to a top deck. That is where I enjoyed sniping the kids from. Hailey Jade even found out you were able to shoot down through the floor boards and get people too! Little stinker got me a couple times doing that. Our chest and back were glowing with the color of your teams. If you were shot it would go off about 6 secs before lighting back up and your free to fire again. That was the 6 secs where you dashed to get away from whoever the heck just shot you. Marc and I almost shot each other a couple times coming around the corner to each other. I shouted it’s me it’s me babe a few times throughout the game. Jake was clearly the most skilled at this game as he was like a gazelle in the place leaping all about. It was definitely HOT! Like within moments we were all just pouring in sweat. Marc said he would hide in the back for a breather. I was all over the place trying to shoot those darn kids. It was like a 15 min game but it felt like we had been in there far longer. The employee had told us all our names before entering. So when we came out we could see the team that had one and what place each of us got! With 4400 points Jake took the lead. I took second with 3300 points. Hailey had third with 2200 and Marc had last place with just 1300 points. I had a great time laughing that he was in last since he had all the shooting experience and the rest of us had NONE at all! All and all Slackers was a really good time and we would all agree to going back again.

9 thoughts on “Slackers! Laser Tag Madness!!!

  1. what a fun outing! I always forget that Laser tag is an option for family fun. Mm y kids are too young but I have a few neices and nephews that would love it I am sure!!

  2. Samantha | The Vegas Mommy says:

    I love laser tag! Looks like it was a lot of fun! Cant wait til my littles are old enough to go!

  3. OMG! I totally forgot about laser tag! I went as a kid and it was such a blast. Cant wait til my little guy is big enough to take him.

  4. Deeksha says:

    It was good read about laser tags..in India I have never seen it..

  5. alunderfullife says:

    I love laser tag but it has been a while since I have gone. It sounds like ou had a great family outing! I can’t wait till my daughter is old enough to enjoy things like this.

  6. I love laser tags but I don’t have one… 😭

  7. Krystal says:

    What a fun night out! Thanks for sharing

  8. Melissa says:

    This looks like so much fun!!! I have never done laser tag and now I’m convinced that I need to try it out. My kids are probably still a little too young to play, but I can’t wait till we can do fun family outings like this! Way to go!!

  9. The Mindful MD Mom says:

    Laser tag is so much fun! Glad yall had a great time!

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