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Yesterday was a fun filled day. We had so many adventures that I can’t wait to brag about. I feel like I need to break the day down into all the mini adventures that were had inside of the day. The last adventure by far my favorite so it’s what I am sharing first. All weekends are spent making memories. I cherish my weekends so much now. Yesterday evening upon coming home and thinking that the day was completed and we would be relaxing at home the rest of the day. Marc chimes in with you guys want to load up and go to the shooting range? As if that was a question that would get any other answer but “HELL YES”! It was Jake, Hailey, Marc, and Myself going on our adventure. We went out to a range in Niles that Marc was a member of. It was an outdoor range. I had no idea what to expect really. I was super pumped and excited. We pulled in and drove by all the different places you were able to shoot each time of gun. Marc explaining each thing to us as we pass. We pull up to one that looks like it has the best coverage from the sun. The kids run down and throw clay pigeons up the hill while Marc and I unload the car. My heart was racing and I was completely geeked. I had asked a few times for him to teach me to shoot. I was thrilled I was finally getting my chance. We get all set up and Marc started to explain the ar first. It’s a bigger gun that we shoot from a sitting down position. While he was explaining I couldn’t hear and took off one side of my ear muff protection. I didn’t realize he was going to shoot I thought he was just talking about what to do. We he did shoot and I had that one side off I jumped clean off the table into the air. I was filled with fear instantly and crying. I was so scared in fact I made at statement I didn’t want to do it any longer and backed off from taking my turn. Marc came and held me and apologized for not being clearer so that I had my ear protection on. He taught the kids how to shoot first giving me some time to collect myself. I really wanted to learn but my nerves were very different now. I had not anticipated how loud it would be. I hadn’t taken into account how heavy the guns would be. Even the smaller cz’s felt so heavy for me. My right side doesn’t always have the best strength. My right leg and arm both can have a tendency to give out. Even simple task like brushing my hair exhaust me using my right arm. Marc talks to me a bit more reassuring me that I don’t have to do anything but that I should remember he wouldn’t ever put anything in my hand that would hurt me. When he made it about trusting him and not the gun I could actually feel my tension ease. Not long I had a cz pistol in my hands. I had Marc with his arms around me and his body behind me. That raised my comfort enough to pull the trigger. Each time he reassured me how good I was doing. He really is just freaking amazing! I had an absolute blast. I shot 3 guns that evening. My daughter and Jake both had a really fun experience too shooting at the targets. They were far more comfortable and Jake far more skilled. It was a really good time and experience. Marc always has this incredible way of taking the fear away for me from everything.

5 thoughts on “My First Shooting Range Visit.

  1. This looks like so much fun I wish we had something like this in Scotland. I’d love to try it out!


  2. Jonelle says:

    This looks like so much fun! I’ve only been to a range once, but I definitely want to go again.

  3. talliek says:

    I would get scared off at first too! I would try it once just to know how to shoot a gun in an emergency but not really into this. My BFF did it and loved it. Glad you enjoyed it.


  4. I love going to the shooting range! It makes me feel like a proud country mama! Go girl!

  5. Tara says:

    It’s so nice when you can get oyou, overcome the fear, and enjoy yourself. Looks like you had a great time!

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