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Last night Marc took Allen, Clare, and myself out to the movies to see Deadpool 2. Deadpool 2 was a movie that Allen was really wanting to see. We don’t often get much time with Allen. He doesn’t get into as much that is relatable for us. He is very much the biggest home body of the kids. I was excited to spend the weekend hanging out with him. He is 16 now and far more grown than I’d like him to be. Can he just slow down already!!!! Clare Bear truly is a very well behaved girl. So the two for the weekend would be very peaceful and easy on me for sure. We bought our tickets online prior to our arrival. Just four seats left at the celebration cinema. Neither of the two kids had ever been. For a frugal family like us that is just not the theater of our choice. It is absolutely every bit of double priced to our go to theater. The seats are twice as comfortable though as they recline. The theater twice as big. The customer service however is no where near the quality we get at our local wonderland. We print our tickets at the kiosk. Head straight for snacks. The kids are shocked when Marc let them pick any item they wanted and a drink! They even asked me privately if it was really okay. I pass out the drink cups and we move to the drink station. Once again Clare stops me. Can I get any drink I want here too??? Yes, Marc lets you chose anything. They really haven’t ever had someone as selfless outside of me. Even though I am selfless I always have kept us to such a strict budget that I kept boundaries tight with choices. I didn’t really think of how that might show them their worth doing so. I was just making sure I could pay the bills you know… I am grateful now for the weekends that make lets them feel priceless. He gives me that same fantastic feeling all the time. Okay, okay this blog is about a movie not Marc lol. So we have our drinks and Marc his popcorn and off to our seats we are. They are going to deliver our pretzels that me and both kids all got. I truly enjoy this too. Not having to carry it all to my seat teetering things on my arms hoping I can keep track of kids and open the door and not spill my nacho cheese. So I love the convenience of this. Here is the problem, they took and tried handing my pretzels to 3 different people. They had no idea where to take my food. When they did find us because we begun flagging them down saying it was ours the pretzels were very cold. The last time I came they were delicious so I was very disappointed. The movie begun and I looked over to the kiddos. Reclined raving of the cool experience this theater was for them.

I heard Allen's laughter in the movie multiple times. I think that alone made me just love the movie. I kept looking from the kids to Marc and thinking how truly blessed I was. 20180519_1920401698554971.jpg The movie was funny and I even stayed awake through the whole thing. It was 2 hours long but didn't feel it. Allen's opinion was the 1st was better but I enjoyed the both. I enjoyed time with my family and their laughter. It was a great evening.

5 thoughts on “Deadpool 2

  1. porngirl3 says:

    Adorable pic’s. You lucky girl you. You snagged yourself one awesomely great guy, but you’ve got the awesomely sweet heart to match it. ❤️

    1. daniellemomof8gmailcom says:

      Awe thanks I do have quite the guy.

  2. Awesome

  3. emgottberg says:

    This is so sweet! I can’t wait until my son is old enough for the movies, but at the same time I agree can they just stay little forever? Such a fun family day girl! Love it!

  4. Jessie says:

    Family time is there greatest isn’t it? You have great guy there .

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