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Saturday after our fun dinner experience Marc decided we just hadn’t had nearly enough fun. Next door to us was the Bass Pro Shop and clearly the ideal place for us to have dessert. So we promptly headed over after finishing up dinner. The kids were blown away by the size of the building before we ever even entered inside. It is pretty impressive in size. Walking up there are ponds to the side of the walk way that gave the kids a roar of excitement from within. It also quickly gave way to the realization that Malachi didn’t have enough meat on his bones to keep him warm while we checked out these ponds. He was shivering pretty quickly and we hurried inside. When we walked in the kids had so much to look at they missed the ginormous fish tank that sits in the bar section of the restaurant. We ended up spending an entire hour in the store walking around. We checked out the fresh water and salt water tanks. We we intrigued by all of the stuffed animals that we scattered throughout the store. Malachi was fascinated by everything. Upstairs which we arrived at via a glass elevator there was a shooting range. It had different targets on fake animals and probably 20 guns to shoot from. It cost just 50 cents a play. I think you got about 15 shoots and it kept your score. The four of us took our hands 3 times playing against each other. Malachi winning each time. I myself found the guns to be far heavier than I had imagined them being. I felt weak pretty quickly and struggled to hold them up. I actually felt a bit sad over realizing how frail I can be especially with my right side. I may miss out on some experiences over it. I enjoyed the entire day with my love and the kids and tried not to think about the negatives. WE sat for dessert just before closing both kids opted from eating anything at all as they were still full and the menu had no pictures on it so nothing was calling their name. Marc and I both got ourselves the smores skillet. It was a double chocolate cookie cooked in the bottom of a skilled covered in mini marshmallows that were then toasted to the top. It was good but very rich. I ended up sharing mine with the two kids who hadn’t gotten anything and Marc finished his all on his own. I’d absolutely go back and I know Hailey would really enjoy it.

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