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Today as we were driving down the the beach to gaze at the water we noticed that there was a train slowly passing through. The speed in itself instantly took me back in time.  I am 13 years old. Living in Bridgman Michigan right next to the Cook Nuclear plant. I hated everything about my home. I was just moved from where I wanted to be and it never settled well. I had next to no relationship with my mother. She was clearly the enemy in my mind. I had one friend that I was very close too! She was having her own struggles at home as well. Both thought that we ourselves could do far better without their help. We decided one night that we would run away. We started at my house. We packed my things just one small bag is all I took. I left a note saying that I was going to go stay at her house. We walked to her house from mine. Her house was in town more and it was a two story house unlike my one story. Her room was in the second story we planned our escape and the life we would make for ourselves that night smoking a joint out her second story window. Her mom was drunk that night and her dad asleep. It was easy to sneak a $20 bill out of her dad’s wallet and just stroll out the front door. We left a note there as well saying we were at my house. Speaking nothing that we were running away. We decided that the way not to be caught was to walk the railroad tracks. We had literally no destination in place at all. Walking seemed endless. Suddenly we heard the whistling and howling of a train. In my mind it sounded just feet behind me and I thought it was fast moving freight train. None of which was true of course. We began screaming yelling and running. What the hell else is there to do when there is a TRAIN chasing you! On each side of the tracks was a very steep. The sides were large chunky rocks and at the bottom of the steep rock sides were trees and woods. It was pitch black and I am not sure how we even seen to get out of the way at all. In my sprint to escape that train that was really inching towards me rather than barrelling I fell crashing knees first into the unforgiving rocks. I rolled all the way into the trees below tearing my jeans from the anklet straight to the crotch. I cried I laughed and then I watched the train creep by. It was slow enough we could have easily jumped on it but we didn’t. I remember stopping at the roller rink and using the pay phone next door to find out where our ultimate destination would be. Watervliet was the spot. We eventually made it there our 20 dollars running out by day two. We slept on benches and in parks. We barely ate anything. Days and days passed just kinda lingering in town. Our parents at some point realizing we weren’t at the other’s homes. They called the cops. I remember thinking that no one was looking for us. It was quite some time before the police stop us. We lie about our names at first just to be caught in the lie and taken to the station. My first ever ride in a cop car in fact. The tears flowed as I thought life on park benches was far better then what I had came from. I begged the officer to put me in jail incarcerate me was my plea. It went unheard though as the only thing the officer did was return me to my mother. I didn’t’ even want to face her. My friend and I went through more then I could ever blog while we were on the run. At 13 I had this harsh reality of the world. I am glad my kids have no experience of this at all.

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  1. Thanks for choosing to follow what I write. I appreciate it. Sorry to learn of your ill health. Wishing you the vest.

  2. alltimelea says:

    I love your writing!

    1. Thanks so much!

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