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Today I had every intention of making Marc jambalaya for dinner. He had stated he had never eaten it before and I was in the mood for some spicy goodness. Then the day began to play out and after my 3 pm cat nap I had no desire to cook at all. I put the meat back in the fridge and shoot a text to my love. I had asked him if I could meet at his house and us go enjoy and outside dinner by the beach at one of my favorite restaurants! It was a restaurant I myself have had the privilege of cooking in. He of course appeased my request. I knew that he would he is always making my needs his priority the amazing man he is. My dinner choice was Tim’s Too! It’s an asian fusion grill. The set up is similar to a buffet experience. Your given a bowl to cram full of noodles and fresh cut veggies. You top that with any amazing homemade sauce of your choosing. Then at the end you will locate a second smaller portion size bowl to fill with meats. You then take your bowl to the end of the counter to watch it be cooked in front of you on a flat top. It’s served with flatbread and rice. The flat bread is absolutely my favorite part of the entire meal. We ate at the tables outside right in front of the restaurant which is located just above the St Joe bluff. Our entire meal was cooked to perfection. I was greeting upon entry with a big hug from the owners son. I received just as warm of a welcome from all of the servers and cook. Throughout our meal the temperature remained perfect for me. I was a bit worried as I had worn a dress that was cut above the knee. I had a shall on that kept me cozy. After finishing up I did get a bit of goosebumps down my legs but it was as we were leaving. Marc drove us down to see the water and all the goings on at the beach. It was the perfect evening. I ate almost my entire bowl of food without feeling sick even one time. What an accomplishment. My new medication is really providing me some fantastic relief.

6 thoughts on “Tim’s Too & Sliver Beach

  1. Tim’s Too sounds like Mongolian bbq. I love that place. I can’t wait to get a moment and go to eat. You can get unlimited bowls for under $13. Anywhoo… sounds like you had a nice evening. 🙂

    1. I have not ever been to a Mongolian bbq because we don’t have that in the area but others I know that have do describe Tims to be similar for sure. It was $14 but only for one bowl a second bowl had a 3-5$ charge I can’t remember the exact price.

      1. Oh no… they don’t do the unlimited bows at Tims… how dare they.🤣🤣🤣 Girl… your blog has me hungry now.🤦🏾‍♀️

      2. Lol if it was unlimited bowls I would probably have needed to be wheeled out it’s a HUGE portion I can’t imagine needing anymore. Still full myself. I didn’t even have the room after to go to the Chocolate Cafe across the street.

      3. Girl… that sounds like me. About a little over a year ago… I would have been getting wheeled out. I was stuffed after a quarter of bowl number one. You think my ass stopped there? Hell no! I made another one for my lunch the next day. Then…when I got home… I was regretting I didn’t make a third one. I was being extra ridiculous.

  2. sunshinysa says:

    Dinner and beach… My ideal dinner date. Okay maybe a short walk on the pier as well.

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