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I have not blogged in several days. That is usually a sure sign that I am either struggling emotionally or physically. This time it was physically. For days I haven’t felt like I was even able to pull my body from the bed. I got up to do what was mandatory of me to do and nothing more. Today hearing he was coming to aid me in a family meeting I thought I just simply must function today! Mind over matter right? So I decided a family meal was perfect for a family meeting night. I mustered up all my courage from deep within. Not just to get up and function but to interact with my family and hiding that I have spent the whole week wishing I could close my eyes forever! Let me tell you cancer is a evil bitch and she puts some horrible thoughts in your head. Remembering the pan set that had been sent to me this week to try out. I thought I’d try out a fellow bloggers meal while using them. Rustic Chicken With Gravy


The Rustic Chicken With Garlic Gravy just made my mouth simply water upon seeing the recipe. I knew as soon as I came across the pin it was the one I must try.  https://www.pinterest.com/pin/330873903867634964/ I had all of the ingredients in house. This too a clear sign it was the dinner choice! It was a very simple recipe to follow. However I did change it a bit. I added bacon in my gravy using it’s grease to make my the gravy base. I also opted to use a frying pan to fry the chicken, bacon and mix my gravy but I transferred to a glass 13 by 9 for baking purposes. It was simply what I had on hand. The bacon in the gravy gave incredible flavor. The entire 4 lbs of chicken was all devoured. As the mash potatoes and cheddar rice and biscuits were too. For dessert I made a delicious homemade chocolate chip pound cake. It’s a real bummer I was unable to get more pictures while cooking as I had the help of 6 of my minions making the meal 🙂 Cooking with my kids is good for my soul!!!!!

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