Last Night ;) ( Adult Only Post)

I was feeling under the weather after dinner concluded yesterday evening. Upon arriving back at his house I felt very sick. I got myself into a hot shower. I sat in the bottom of the shower letting the hot water run down me and relax my body. I shaved, douched, scrubbed my hair. As I stepped out he was there waiting. I was shivering attempting to dry myself as quickly as I could. I crawled into the bed and he followed me. First he laid next to me. He had undressed himself ready to shower next. Laying in our glory I felt his hands grace over my body. I let out a sigh of ecstasy as his touch makes me insane. He caresses my breast taking my nipple oh so gently into his mouth. My eyes close concentrating on each touch. His hand wonders down to my muff I squirm under his hands. My eyes open and lock on him and what he is doing. He teasingly plays with my love box for several moments. Then stands up and off the bed. I watch his every move. He goes to the side of the bed grabbing the lube. Then back to the tv to increase the volume and mask my moans of pleasure. My own hand has found it’s way to my clitoris and I stimulate myself watching him.  He comes back to the bed removes the blankets from under me. He spreads my legs and goes down on me. The light kisses on my thighs as he inches toward my freshly shaved kitty kat. He teases for several mins with the kisses on my thighs and lips. My back arches and I plead for more. Once his tongue begins to lap up my juices my breathing turns to panting my heart races. He runs his hands down my sides stopping at my hips. I lock my hands into his he laps me up a bit faster. I can barely hold open my eyes I am so close to climax already. I grab at his arms and hands trying to pull him up so I can take him inside me. ” I think you should fuck me” I let out. He continues to lick down my slat just a few more moments before fulfilling my request. He sits up on his knees and grabs the bottle of pink lube he had positioned next to him when he started to eat my pussy. I watched him squirt it onto the head of his cock and slide down his shaft. I lift my legs excitedly ready for him to fill me up. The lube on his cock is cold as his slides it up and down my slit to make sure I’m wet enough to enter the cold lube makes my desire for him go through the roof. He enters me and begins to thrust. My eyes closed hands gripping at his muscular arms each time he enters I moan for him. I open my eyes locking them to his. I realize he is watching himself go in and out. It drives me insane him watching I climax instantly. Burring my face into his arm and biting down a bit to not be to loud. I let him know I am cumming for him. After My climax I grab the back of my thighs so I can get momentum with him as it’s his turn to explode. My pussy is dripping wet the faster thrusting gets him there pretty quickly. I can tell on his face he is going to cum. As I feel him explode I love watching his face. The wrinkle his nose gets and the sexy manly groan he lets out makes me cum with him for the second time. He falls forward kissing on my shoulder as he finishes. I let out a bit of a giggle as I just so love making love to him. He pulls out slow and heads to clean up in the bathroom. I myself had to take a moment to recover before I was able to follow suit. I stood with my legs standing on the floor and my top half bent over the bed. I stood there for quite some time before I was able to clean up and climb back to bed. I can’t recall him even getting into the shower as I was sound asleep.

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