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If you had asked either of of 6 months ago if we thought we would be here the answer would have absolutely without a doubt been a No! I was simply bored and lonely searching craig list for my out. My exit strategy on my failing abusive relationship was all that was on my mind that evening. Somehow there his ad was. Searching for company as he was a lonely man. Six months later here we are searching for a home to blend our family. Realistically we have been living in to places for months now. I have a key to his as he has a key to mine. We plan dinners between the houses. I run like a mad woman making sure I accomplish all the housewifely duties in two places. I make sure that his laundry and dishes are done. I make sure the trash goes out to the can he takes the can out and I bring it back up. It’s really been quite the well oiled machine really. I wash the dishes he returns from work and puts them away. The thought of us being in one place is thrilling. The idea of us decorating and building our dreams together has me bursting at the seams. We have spent everyday looking at houses, discussing finances, talking of our future together. My heart just races knowing it is me he will come home to everyday after work. It’s me who will make sure his bed is made with his pj’s laid out. ( I do this now but only on the days we are at his place) I take so much pride in taking care of him. It brings me joy like noting else. His smile when he tells me how delicious my stuffing in my home made stuffed chicken is it lights me up from within. I can’t wait for our journey together. 3 years here before I will move us all to Colorado. I see forever in his eyes.

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  1. Mia says:

    Keep on the good work!! 😊

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