What defines me?

Cancer , A Dozen Kids , Life, Struggle

The love of a child is pure. It’s the truest form of love there is. It’s that unconditional and without fault. My son doesn’t give his love out very easily. He isn’t much for sitting still. Not much for being to close if your not his mom and occasionally he can tolerate certain siblings enough to be close and cuddle. Tonight I had been laying in my spot curled up to the man of my dreams. I had something that needed tending to of course. Is that not how it always works in the life of a mother? When I came back Paytyn had climbed into my spot. He was curled up and hanging out. Oh my heart just wanted to burst. There it was the biggest sign ever. He had won the heart of the sweetest little boy I know. I had to grab my phone to capture the moment. I knew that there will be bad days to come and these pictures of that smile that perfect smile both had on their faces enjoying time together. they would bring me the joy I needed to get through. Paytyn is the best judge of character I know and he showed tonight that he approves. I can’t hold my eyes open to type even though I have a million things I’d love to say. My life is incredibly blessed.

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