The Make Up Blowy ;) (Adult only post )

So this week has been a struggle for communication in our relationship. On Friday I wasn’t sure if I’d be coming for the weekend or not since I would have the kiddos and we weren’t feeling the greatest about communication. We had decided on me not coming and waiting till had a chance to talk some stuff out first. Then I thought maybe I should ask one more time if he was sure he didn’t want us there this weekend. Thankfully his response was exactly as I had hoped. “All I want is you guys” he responded. I packed up and headed right there. I wasn’t giving him anytime to change his mind again. Upon arrival I paced the kitchen for at least 30 mins. Fearful that things would be tense. I was laying on the bed when he came home from work. He came in and snuggled up next to me. For some time didn’t say much. Eventually we hashed out everything we needed to hash out. I cried in his arms and he comforted away my worries. Laying there after our hands begin to wander. In the back of my mind I know I am on my period and he will not have sex with me. It doesn’t stop me from uncontrollably allowing my hands to explore his body. I scout as close to him as I can get preshing myself up against him. Rubbing his cock through his sexy work uniform. Within moments he is rock hard and his own hands are roaming my curves. Dressed in one of his large wife beater tank tops my breast keep falling from the sides of the tank. He takes the opportunity to tease and caress my tits and nipples. Now I am squirming he is such a tease knowing I can’t have him inside me. As he flicks and twist my nipples I run my left hand into my pants to vigorously entertain my clit. Still keeping my right hand rubbing his bulge through the pants. He whispers I am going to make him cum in his pants and I let out a giggle in delight.  Reaching from the bed he shuts the bedroom door. Letting me know things are about to get fun. My heart racing when he fumbles with his pants. He struggles briefly before asking “can you help me undo my pants” his other arm wrapped around me left him just one hand to undo them and it was not working. I leap forward excitedly to release his member from his pants. As soon as his cock was out I took him into my mouth. Onto my knees I went so I could slide it all down my throat. My tits hanging and bouncing he went right back to work teasing my nipples and grabbing my breast. While I went to town on his cock. I love flicking around my tongue and watching his reaction. I took his hand into mine while I bob on his knob. He begins to shakes and convulse like nothing I had ever seen him do before. His entire arm is shaking his legs shaking myself sopping wet for him. The base of his shaft is solid as a rock now I know he is close. Faster I go round and round I spin my tongue on his sensitivity ring. Until I hear the words I am waiting for ” I’m about to cum!!!!!!!” I make sure his entire shaft is down my throat when he explodes lapping up every drop. Before I am off to the toilet to spit it out. I have yet to attempt to swallow it. It’s so thick. I almost climaxed myself all shaking and panting he was doing was making me insane. I come back to lay on his belly and tell him that make up blowy’s are almost as good as sex. 🙂 Hurry up period and go the fuck away. I need to ride his cock again!



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3 thoughts on “The Make Up Blowy ;) (Adult only post )

  1. My humble advice: swallow it. Always! It will do good to both of you.
    As for avoiding sexual intercourse while being in your period… why? If you are not feeling very sick and do not feel much pain, it will be just as pleasant (or almost)… The blood is easily washable afterwards 🙂
    Also, there is the back door to use if some of you do not like vaginal sex while you are bleeding.

      1. Oh. I understand, and I’m sorry to know it. Anyway, about anal sex it’s you who should decide if it gives you pleasure or not (and it will surely would after some practice 🙂

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