The Make Up Blowy ;) (Adult only post )

So this week has been a struggle for communication in our relationship. On Friday I wasn’t sure if I’d be coming for the weekend or…

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3 comments on “The Make Up Blowy ;) (Adult only post )

  1. Li

    My humble advice: swallow it. Always! It will do good to both of you.
    As for avoiding sexual intercourse while being in your period… why? If you are not feeling very sick and do not feel much pain, it will be just as pleasant (or almost)… The blood is easily washable afterwards 🙂
    Also, there is the back door to use if some of you do not like vaginal sex while you are bleeding.

      1. Li

        Oh. I understand, and I’m sorry to know it. Anyway, about anal sex it’s you who should decide if it gives you pleasure or not (and it will surely would after some practice 🙂

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