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Is it just me or is it difficult to ask or receive advice on parenting? I find that advice is often judgement more than anything. We don’t support each other in the struggle of parenting we tear each other down. I often want to reach out to other mom’s but do not out of fear. It’s crazy to me to think we would rather pass judgement then to offer support. I myself have taken many many many parenting classes but none of those prepared me for teenagers. The critical opinions on parenting are everywhere. I have a child with autism and struggles emotionally I feel like I need to keep him in a bubble to protect him. I want so badly to share my struggles with parenting. I wish to hear your not alone you are doing your best… Idk I always always feel like I am failing as a mom. I strive for perfection and it’s not achievable. I had so much on my mind to write on this topic but it’s all gone. I’m having a struggle with blogging. I am having a struggle with parenting. I feel low and sad and I want it all to stop. I just want to smile and feel whole again…. Im sorry to my readers I’ll try again tomorrow.

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