The quickie before leaving ( ADULTS ONLY POST!)

So I told you of my Sunday morning madness but I felt adding in the details of the fantastic quickie I had had before leaving it would just do it an dis-justice.  So Sunday morning when I went to get dressed standing in my jeans and bra I went to walk around the bed for a shirt and I woke him. He opened his eyes seeing me topless and was instantly awake. Off his oxygen mask came. I explain I must leave and he tells me come here. I climbed back into the bed and he says lets switch sides. He steps from the bed in nothing but his x large deluth t shirt. I can’t help but stare at him in all his glory. As he climbs into bed in front of me raising his arm for me to position myself on his chest. My hands explore his body as soon as I am in position. We talk a bit while I caress him. I allow my hand to wrap around his girth. My head slides from his chest to his stomach. His cock standing at attention for me now. I take him in my mouth and tease with my tongue. I kiss and suck for a few moments before stopping to tell him I think he should fuck me before I go. He responds with I was thinking the same thing. I sit up to undress myself and he stands removing his shirt and grabbing the bottle of lube. My mind goes insane hearing the top of that lube bottle pop open. It’s become quite the instant turn on for me. I ask how he wants me. “Come here so I can fuck you” My pussy quivers for him hearing that I get on all fours backing up to him. He stands at the edge of the bed me on my knees on top the mattress puts me at the perfect height for him. As he slides in I fall forward gripping the comforter tight enough to turn my knuckles white. He plow drives me again. His mad relentless thrust make me climax quickly I bury my face and try my hardest to keep quiet. When he knows I climax he picks up the pace I can hear in his panting he is close himself. Like water from a high pressured hose he explodes inside me. I am spent I think that it is over but he has other plans. His throbbing cock still hard he takes full advantage. He keeps pumping I reach down to tease my clit just a bit and let go one more before we finish.

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