What defines me?

Cancer , A Dozen Kids , Life, Struggle

It’s not that no one has ever said I was there soul mate before I have heard it a million times in my life time. I haven’t ever felt it. All the way to my core when he says it I feel it. The way we work together it just all meshes. We compliment each others needs with such perfection. Everyday it just gets better. I thought there was just no way my heart could love him anymore then it already does. Then I get a text just random of his love for me and it’s at the perfect time. You know in the middle of a meltdown at home 12 kids deep house is in a roar and then you look down to see I love you my beautiful. It flutters my little heart at those messages and his perfection on timing. Or he will come home and notice a gesture I have done for him at his place. Typically something very small and simple you would expect to go unnoticed.  It never ever does though he notices every detail and sends love and gratitude for it. Watching him strive to learn how to back me up in parenting and be whatever it is the kids need him to be. I only say that because each kid really needs something entirely different from him. He sees that though and takes time to learn like truly learn my children. Malachi and him have a very close bound he is with him every chance he can get. He is like a sponge for his attention and time. Looking at a perfect house yesterday I thought about my future and how much brighter it was for my kids now. Hearing him talk about all the things we would do with our home. Dreaming of it together. I didn’t think fairy tales existed… I didn’t even believe in monogamy anymore when we meet.  I can’t fathom ever getting bored now. There is no way that I will ever want anything different I have the best already.

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