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After a couple of days of really having some awful tummy pain I had gone to the doctor and got new meds. I then got them actually filled. You’d be surprised how often I get meds and never seem to take the time to even fill or try them. I know that seems silly how can I get better but most of the meds make me feel worse. Some have this effect to my brain I swear clouds things makes me feel less in control of my emotions so at some point I begun to avoid them. Mr. Amazing has kinda been on me about taking them and taking them accurately. With claims of how can I possible debunk meds that I didn’t take correctly or completely. So he is pretty much always right and I go pick up my meds. I took the high road this time as normally I rather enjoy arguing with him and being stubborn. He makes me laugh when I do. It’s rather playful. So anyway meds make me feel good pretty instantly really I’d say within 30 mins. So I feel a high like I am on top of the world. I also get sooooo hungry I thought I could eat at a buffet for hours and hours. Marc decides we shall go applebees. They have these yummy warm pretzels that I just love. Upon arriving I notice that the parking lot is incredibly packed. There are people parking in ways and places that don’t really exist. We were seated right away. In a booth directly next to a large group and directly in front of my friend from high school and her two young kids. The large group next to us being the rudest people I had ever ever seen. I was completely applaud.  They demanded refunded on a appetizer having no knowledge it was going to be so expensive? It’s clearly priced on the menu! They called their server a bitch extremely loud repeatedly. They were yelling at each other and the waitress with a mouth full of food. Laughing of how they would not tip even if they had felt that they had good service. The manager was called over the wings. A man in his 40’s scruffy and stress ridden came to the table. He listened, apologized and took it from the bill. Then each person at the 9 person table demanded to go cups and refills for free. Spending time allowing their children to now hop from one table to another. 3 tables in total did they hop to spitting and sloshing their drinks around. I could barely focus on my own conversations at the table because it was hard to hear over the roar from their table. The table had been seated eating apps when we arrived. Our food wait incredibly long 2 hour went by before we walked out and the table of animals had only left just 8 mins before us. The waitress then had to bus the table she received no tip from. I reach out with the only thing I have to offer her. “I hope your day gets better” kind words from my heart. I knew she was looking for a okay to vent and that was it. She poured out with the 33 cents she had earned in two hours of work. Her complete frustration in the customers and establishment and I just let her. Offered my apologies and a smile. When we sat I had told my hunny I was glad we hadn’t gotten her for a waitress though in fact she always is there when I come and I always have the same hope. I judged her the first experience there in fact. I hadn’t had her wait on me then either. I am a people watcher and I watched her. She never had much of a smile and her hair was always a bit untamed. Her shirt untucked and looked very frumpy. Last night watching her with her tables I seen much more. I wish I had reached out a bit more maybe helped clear the table or gave her some more kind words I am not sure. I left feeling I hadn’t done enough to make her day better. I can’t imagine being at work and being cursed at in such a way and having to continue the job knowing you will make nothing from it. I mean in most cases you can bite your tongue knowing your making $$ to do so. She very clearly heard that she wouldn’t receive a tip or compensation very early on and 2 more hours she continued to work for free. Not with much of a smile but she still eagerly did as asked. They ran her ragged. My heart hurts for the way we treat people in society and the judgmentstiredwait.jpg we make. I will try harder to be more understand of the next frumpy waitress I see.

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