Adult Only Post

We came home from lunch and I took off my bra and put on my short shorts. With no plans other then to accomplish the laundry and lounge around. We laid on the bed together just chatting me on his belly looking up at him. My phone rang and it was my kids dad. I answered it still remaining laying across Marc. I had my hand placed touching his magnificent cock. He gave me a flirty look. I then intentionally begun to touch him. He started to do the same to me. Just through the fuzzy shorts making a circle on my clitoris. I smile enjoying his teasing. Still remaining on the phone. John talking and talking me paying no attention to the words he is speaking. Marc pull his cock through the hole in his boxers. I lick my lips and begin to suck and flick my tongue around the head of his cock. He got my aggressive with his rubbing of the circles. I grind into his hand. Taking him completely into my mouth between responses to John’s questions. Trying to not let him notice my heavy breathing as my heart begins to race. Marc reaches to our headboard grabbing the lube. I know then I am about to get filled to the rim with his thick prick. I stand and drop my shorts and panties to the ground. Crawling back unto my knees on the bed being careful to position myself at the edge of the bed. He stands behind me and lubes his rock hard erection. As he slides inside I bury my face into the bed. I drop my phone multiple times before just hanging it up. It begins to ring again as I climax….My fingers gripping to the blanket as tightly as they are able. He goes faster using his fingertips to pull back my pelvis and lounge into me. I climax a second time before he fills me. 🙂 My heart racing legs shaking I stumble to the bathroom to clean up…………. I have the greatest sex life. DQmR6eNeYNqpyWJDLkmvtSDLwoWWztzXr6tzp29VCfLDSsKlidti574ub8yitzmpa3z

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