Faking it ;) ( adults only post)

So I have posted a bit about sex and how enjoyable it has been with my current partner. Lets talk about when it’s not enjoyable.…

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2 comments on “Faking it ;) ( adults only post)

  1. cariboucrossingsak

    I’ve never faked it. I guess I just never saw the point in it. I’ve had crappy sex for sure. I’ve just always told every man that I’ve been with that I very rarely orgasm. Just because I don’t orgasm doesn’t mean I don’t thoroughly enjoy myself. I get most of my arousal from pleasing my man, to be honest. If he’s satisfied than so I am. Being honest with them I’ve found takes the pressure off of everyone. I’m not trying to “get there” and he’s not all-consumingly stuck on getting me off and we can both just enjoy ourselves. That’s been my experience at least.

    1. daniellemomof8gmailcom

      I guess I wish I didn’t feel so compelled to fake it. The ego blow they get from not making me climax just makes me feel so bad. It’s a lot of work faking it and makes for dis-pleasurable experience for sure. Luckily I don’t have those issues with my current partner my sex life is amazing at the moment.


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