Faking it ;) ( adults only post)

So I have posted a bit about sex and how enjoyable it has been with my current partner. Lets talk about when it’s not enjoyable. I have spent all of adulthood faking it. I mean full fledge have patent the fake moan. The faking shuttering of my limbs giving the impression my body is convulsing below my partner at the time. I perfected tightening the inside of my vagina and I spent more time faking my orgam then attempting to have one. I had a friend with benefits that I teased and joked about how he was the one the only one that could make me climax. Truthfully I am not sure he himself ever got me to achieve climax. He thought for sure he was different that he would absolutely know if I faked it. With him I took the faking it to an extreme. I stroked his ego before and after sex. He thought he was like a God in bed for me. I realize I am doing him no favors faking it. Here is the thing though I can’t bring myself to hurt someone’s feelings and guys take that as a serious ego blow when they can’t get you to climax. There not all like that there are those who don’t even ask or care if I came. There are those who put in all the effort but are totally clueless. Faking it had become so natural I forget I am even doing it. I would giggle to myself when men would say they would know but never knew. It was a game I played to a point. Sex was such an obligation for me I’m not sure even the best sex would have gotten me to climax. Upon meeting Marc that first orgasm he gave me shocked me a bit. I had pretty much only had a handful of times that I had climaxed without masterbation. I never thought about faking it with Marc. I guess I never felt that I really needed too. There has been 2 times total in 5 months I haven’t obtained an orgasm. Both times he knew right away and was disappointed in himself. Both times he went for round two and gave me incredible orgasms. I wonder if all girls use the fake it tactic? If you have found yourself in my bed I guarantee I have.

2 thoughts on “Faking it ;) ( adults only post)

  1. I’ve never faked it. I guess I just never saw the point in it. I’ve had crappy sex for sure. I’ve just always told every man that I’ve been with that I very rarely orgasm. Just because I don’t orgasm doesn’t mean I don’t thoroughly enjoy myself. I get most of my arousal from pleasing my man, to be honest. If he’s satisfied than so I am. Being honest with them I’ve found takes the pressure off of everyone. I’m not trying to “get there” and he’s not all-consumingly stuck on getting me off and we can both just enjoy ourselves. That’s been my experience at least.

    1. I guess I wish I didn’t feel so compelled to fake it. The ego blow they get from not making me climax just makes me feel so bad. It’s a lot of work faking it and makes for dis-pleasurable experience for sure. Luckily I don’t have those issues with my current partner my sex life is amazing at the moment.

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