On my right hand in the webbing of skin between my pointer finger and my thumb you will find a small badly written number 12 tatted in a black ink. It is there as a reminder of the crazy memory I shared on New Years Eve 2012. I had just gotten out of the relationship with my husband I was feeling far older than my age. I felt like a sexually dried up prude. I was bored in the bedroom. I craved submission. I had an insatiable desire to satisfy. A burning desire deep down inside to explore sex to the fullest. I was seeing the man that branded his name on my pussycat at the time. He was every bit the dominant I craved. Fresh out of prison selfish as they come. I wanted more than he could give though. I hadn’t ever been with a girl and thought it would be rather enjoyable. My partner created a party for the holiday. 2 girls 2 guys myself and my partner. Shot after shot we slammed radio turned up and laughter throughout the room. We stood in the center of the living room in kinda of a train..dancing and twirling around together. Then my partner reached over and undressed the man before him. He unbuttoned the man’s pants and allowed them to fall to the ground. I remember myself and a girl next to me looking at each other and in our eyes you could see the excitement build as we watched. One by one my partner undressed us all. He moved us all closer bodies touching hands wandering. Everyone begun to kiss and make out but me. I’d turn my head allowing kisses down my neck but never allow a kiss on the mouth. We managed to make it to the bedroom, my queen size bed seemed like a twin in the moment. I laid down naked and intoxicated. A thick thighed blonde beauty climbed on top of me positioning herself for her delicious muff hovered over my mouth. I had never tasted a girl before but listening to her moan and groan with delight made me insanely horny. I couldn’t see who had taken it upon themselves to taste me while I was tasting her. I was pinned below her and unable to squirm away from the licks my own cunt was taking. I inserted fingers into the muff I was devouring and before I knew it her juices were flowing down my chin her body quivering above me. She moved and lay down beside me to take a thick hard cock. I to was entered at that time by the man who had been tasting me. Hours went by being fucked and teased smacked and spanked. I was tied up to watch with toys pressed on my clitoris over and over I climaxed till my body was spent. At some point everyone who had sex tatted a 12 to hold solid the memory we had shared. I can’t imagine needed the tattoo to remind me as it is as clear as the moment still in my mind. Fresh ,crisp ,sexy, and desirable the memory of my first orgy.

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