His Shower…. (adults only post ;0)

I go to his house probably at least 5 times a week. At his house I have my own shower needs. I have my own spots in the closet and dresser for my clothing to remain. It’s far quieter atmosphere at his place and I find it the absolute best place to masterbate. I remember the first time I thought about wanting to please myself at his house. My mind wandered with thoughts of if he would be disappointed by my self gratification. I didn’t want him to think that he wasn’t fulfilling my desires. There was just something so delightful about masterbating at his house.  Thinking of him being at work and sending him the pictures of me in his bed teasing my vagina endlessly. At first it started as just that. Me enjoying playing and teasing myself while sending the pictures to him to tease him. I felt desired beyond measure sending him those intimate pictures. I soon decided that I would bring my wand to his place. My wand being my most pleasurable toy. I sat it on the head stand of the bed to charge. On that stand it sat for a couple of days. One day I had come by Marc’s made the bed as I do daily and sprawled myself across it. My wand with all it’s glory staring at me. I leaped from the bed to grab it and off to the shower I pranced. I turned the shower on warm and as it heated I slowly undressed myself before the mirror. Running the wand full speed over my nipples so I could watch them get hard. They tingled with delight as though to thank me for the treat…. I teased myself running it over my lips and just above my clit. I changed the speed now so that it pulsated. My cunt was sopping wet now. I stepped into the shower positioning my nippled for the direct contact of the water. Keeping them stimulated and hard. My mind raced with thoughts of Marc and him walking in to catch me. This made my heart race thinking of him and him watching me. I sat on the bottom of the shower my legs to trembly to hold myself up. I placed the wand on my clit and within seconds I came. I came so hard I felt like I had just ran a marathon. I have yet to pleasure myself anywhere but his house. There is something sexy knowing he will find my toy in the bottom of the shower when he gets home from work. I will know his mind will wander on what adventures I had while he was at work. 🙂 Mmm I’ve gone and made myself crave him.



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