Good Mornings ( adult only post)

This morning I woke early in some pain still so I thought a hot shower would do me some good. Then I’d heavily medicate and try to sleep a bit more before having to be up for today. I did blog when I got up as his place is the easiest place for me to do so. Mr. Amazing being a sleepy head and me a morning person and all. He has a laptop set up in our bedroom on my side of the bed just for my blogging purposes. After putting the laptop back up I cuddled him a bit and then turned to my side of the bed and dozed off. Moments after drifting off he woke and went to the bathroom. He gave me some kisses and told me he would be coming onto my side of the bed upon returning. The sides of the bed we sleep leave us with limited cuddling abilities. As it hurts his shoulder to sleep on that side to face me and my leg on that side hurts to much to face him. So when he came to get into the bed I switched our pillows and scouted to his side. ( my pillow was wet from my hair and the shower) He raised his arm up and I slid into my perfect spot. It really is perfect too I fit snuggled in warm and cozy and he holds with the perfect grip the one that lets me feel safe and loved. I can never be in that place on his chest long before my hand has to wonder. It doesn’t help that he sleep’s in nothing but a 2 xl duluth t shirt. As soon as I touched him he brought me in closer. My leg draped over him kitty pressed firmly against him. As he got hard I began to grind myself against him. When he started to kiss me it was over I needed him. Then he roamed with his hands making sure I was quivering before asking to taste me. I smiled ear to ear and shook my head rolling to my back excitedly. He teased with kisses down my thighs. I squirmed a bit beneath him. I hold his hand and grasp at his arms while he gently licks my clit. He is gentle knowing how sensitive I am.  I need him inside me to finish I can’t stand it anymore I want him. I squirm out from under his tongue and pull his arms to bring him up to kiss me. Tasting myself as he slides his tongue into my mouth. He bought us this new lube and before entering me had applied it to his cock. ( I am pretty sure cancer and meds are making me dry lately and it’s uncomfortable. Idk if it was for him too but he bought lube this week and has used each time we have had sex feels much better) I quickly orgasm once he fills me. After climax I focus on him. His faces his touch everything about him. I can tell when he is close and tighten my muscles he always lets out a mmmmmmm when I do. I had chills at his mmmmm this time and arched myself a bit to cum with him. Climaxing together is the best feeling in the world. After while we are cleaning up he says I think I’ll move back to my side of the bed and get another hour of sleep before leaving. He says I should blog. I respond with I already did would you like me to again? Yes, he giggles. My mind wonders if he woke me and gave me great sex to blog about. If he enjoys knowing I share those intimate moments he gives me. hmmmmm food for thought I guess. download

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