One, two, three times delightful….. (ADULTS ONLY POST!)

Yesterday evening I waited in his bed. My son was in the living room watching television or playing with the birds I am really not quite sure what he was doing. I had just gone through an entire week without having him inside me. Now I had brought my child for the weekend. I thought to myself genius Danielle how on earth will you survive the entire weekend without having him inside you. I teased and taunted him so he would be as full of desire as I was for him. He whispered to me your son is here today babe. I feel back on the bed letting out a deep sigh. We were closed in our bedroom but our bed is far to loud for us to have attempted that without being noticed. He went to the bathroom for a moment and I buried my face in the pillows. He walked back in only moments later. He leaned over the bed hot breath at my neck…..if you want me to take you come to the bathroom I’ll bend you over and you may hold the sink he whispered in my ear. My body wrenched under his as he whispered. I leaped from the bed dropping my pants as I stood and pranced the the bathroom. I leaned right over the sink mirror in front of me. He got his throbbing member wet to slide inside me and I closed my eyes. I was as quiet as I could be to not be heard. Covered my mouth and bit down each time he plunged deeper inside me. I didn’t even think to look at the mirror and watch him fuck me in the beginning. It wasn’t until after I had climaxed twice I was able to open my eyes. The moment I looked at him I could tell he himself was close to climax. The expression on his face is so consistent at each of his climaxes that I get excited to see it. I giggle with excitement knowing he will fill me soon. I love the scrunched nose face he makes. I climax again with him. I always finish hard when we cum together. My body fell forward onto the sink. We had enjoyed each other without being heard…..


Round 2 the next morning I fell asleep without even cuddling in bed with my love. I have been so tired lately it has been a struggle to not sleep life away. So I hadn’t even tried to play with him that night or that morning. He woke and we spoke of breakfast. I was starving and it was the first thing from my mouth as I wake hours before he does. I look down to notice his cock is standing at attention and out of the blanket. I can’t help but to touch him. I am instantly horny as soon as I noticed. I just must have him. He again whispers to my ear. Oh man that whispering thing I don’t know about you ladies but I just get moist with each word. That steamy hot breath down my neck. That is the good stuff. This time he whispers for me to bend over the bed as it will be quieter that way. I of course compile. Standing, dropping my pants and panties to the ground and bending over the bed. I lean forward as he enters me grabbing the blanket in my hands using it to my advantage to pull me into his thrust. It takes some of the pressure from using my legs to bounce making the sex less painful. I have a death grip on the sheets shoving them into my mouth at times to prevent myself from letting out any moans of ecstasy. His grip on my hips pulling me into him is my focus. Those strong hands. I climax covering my mouth to keep quiet. He finishes not long after me and into bed naked we climb together. I hadn’t quite had my fill of him and already knew upon laying down I wanted more. I’d give him a few moments to recover before I’d make him want me again too. Laying in his arms running my hands over his body. Touching him fills me with lust and desire. The hair on his chest through my fingers down his stomach….. I touch his cock caress his balls move my head down and kiss him a bit… kisses and soft touches make him start to grow… I lean back taking his hands and putting them on my breast. He giggles at me knowing now I want another round of him. His giggle excites me more. I begin to play with myself with one hand while playing with him with the other laying on his chest still so he can play with my breast and watch me play… His boner is solid now and I know he is wanting me as badly as I him. Doesn’t take long for him to say come here. Off the bed he takes me grabbing lube and lubing his cock before entering me again. I had climbed up knees on the side of the bed to be a bit higher this time. As soon as he slides in I’m ready to cum for him. Playing with my clit has me riled up and the lube has him sliding in and out of me with ease. I cum burring my face into the blankets to not be loud. I reach down to my throbbing clit. It feels like my heart is beating through it. I begin to play with myself again as he keeps plowing into me. Two more times I climax before his triumphant finish. It’s so incredibly good. How can you not have a great fucking day after a morning like such?



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