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I’ve grown quite fond of the relationship that is emerging between Marc and Malachi. Truth be told Malachi hasn’t ever really had another adult with his interest. No one to nurture his passions with him.  We are spending the weekend with Marc just Malachi and I. We had originally planned to go to Tinley Park to a reptile expo but unfortunately we had mixed up the dates a bit and it’s for next weekend and not this one. So instead of going there we are just lounging around hanging out together. Marc has took Malachi into he snake room and shared his knowledge and experience with him. He let him hold several different snakes. He was eager to help clean up and move snakes around into different cages. He adores Marc’s attention and time. He soaks it up like a little sponge. This week he was allowed by Marc to pick out a boa for his house. Can you imagine his excitement. Then he passes him a snake hook and tells him that is his too. My son’s face lighting up melts my heart. He will pick a smaller snake at tinley next weekend. Him and Marc are going to pick out a pair of matching snakes and raise them together. I think it’s a cool experience to share and love that Marc came up with the idea. They are sharing videos now of how to’s for boa’s. Marc making sure that Malachi has all the knowledge he needs for being a good snake owner.



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