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I had really had a pretty terrible week this week. It was also the dreaded blow job week as I fondly call it. Aka that dreaded aunt flow was visiting. These past couple of months my sex drive has been insane high during these awful times. Marc isn’t really the red wings kind of guy which perhaps is why I desired it even more so. I haven’t really been much for oral in the form of giving or receiving. To be honest I am not even fond of making out. I have done all of the above very rarely and even more rare sober lol. Since Marc and I have gotten together I have kinda played around with oral as a teasing pleasure. It was never a main event as we always wanted sex. Him more so than I actually because I would have happily compiled and let him finish orally anytime. He was always insistent on finishing inside me and pleasuring me too before he did. He said just getting a blow job felt selfish. Can you imagine? I mean ladies is that not real love right there. I’d happily finish him in my mouth as often as he’d like but he’d prefer to be inside me and us both finish. Lucky gal huh? Anyway I spent the entire month asking and pleading that I wanted to finish him orally. He still has his speel of the selfishness of the act and how he was just fine with waiting for us to both enjoy. I explained I wanted to please him and I wanted him to finish that it wasn’t selfish. He had agreed and I had been waiting for blow job week with no patience of any kind. The day finally came I can’t describe how excited I was to please my lover. I spent time googling watching porn wanting to provide the perfect blow job. Is that odd…. a 33 year old googling and trying to learn how to please her bf orally? Well that is what I did even if it seems odd to me now looking back. I was so tired and crampy the night I started that I feel asleep before I had the chance to take him into my mouth. I woke up very early the next morning. Rolled over to him. He was asleep in just his t shirt. Cock hanging in all it’s glory looking scrumptious. The clock showed two hours before it was time to wake him. Oh how can I wait this long I want him now. I scouted closer to him. He felt my presence and raised his arm for me to get on his chest and he wrapped me into those sexy strong arms tightly. I inhaled his scent from his chest filling myself with even more desire. I slowly slid my hand down his chest, stomach, till I reached his cock. I slowly caressed and teased he is so soft I truly enjoy being soft and gentle when I touch and play. I’ve never asked if he enjoys the same but he stands at attention for me so safe to assume he doesn’t dislike. I took several mins to touch and play. Slowly inching myself closer so I could soon take him into my mouth. He was now rubbing on my arm enough I could tell he was awake. I kissed the head of his cock as passionately as I had made out with him in the front seat of the movies waiting to see our first movie together. I took him into my mouth as far as he would fit and I went crazy with delight. I had no idea how much I would enjoy pleasing him. When he took off his mask and place his hand on my head I knew he was enjoying the dancing of my tongue around his throbbing head. I squirmed taking him in and out of my mouth. When he whispered he was going to cum I almost did myself. I was insanely turned on by the words as they came from his mouth. His warm thick load shot in my mouth and I spun my tongue around a bit more making sure he was finished. I didn’t swallow instead just politely walked to the rest room and spit it in the toilet brushed my teeth and pranced back to his arms. He fell back to sleep and I laid thinking how lucky I was.


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