What defines me?

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I long to be a better mother. I sat here pondering what I wanted to write about. I know I need to write but there is nothing inside me that I feel worthy of typing and sharing. So I thought what is the thing I long to be…. It’s a better mother. Everything I do is towards that goal. Although I fail miserably all the time at the task at hand the goal is still always the same. I want to be the best mom I can be. I want to never raise my voice again. I want to have an abundance of patience and time. I can’t help but feel like I am racing a clock to raise them. Wanting them to be grown before I go. So maybe I should slow things down a bit in my mind. Just focus on the moment not the future so much. He tells me everyday take one task at a time or problem and then take on the next. I would love to be the mom whose voice is never intimidating or raised. I want to have the respect without having to raise my voice. I think it ‘s my biggest parenting flaw is raising my voice or even changing my tone. I don’t want to instill fear just respect so there really isn’t a need to raise my voice or yell at my kids right? I think it’s a reasonable goal to place upon myself to find a way to get the message across without yelling. I had this goal list on my mirror and as of this morning I have completed it in it’s entirety so it’s time for a new. This is for sure my 1 goal. I strive to be the best mom I have the ability to be. Look guys I have set a new goal. A step forward as this week I felt like I lived life at a stand still. I feel excited to strive for being a better mother. I look forward to my progress and bettering myself as a mom and my relationship with my kids. Does anyone have something in their parenting they wish they could improve? Start a goal with me to improve it for our children? They are my greatest success.



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