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So after I got done with my flight Marc went up for his. I went to his car and striped the layers he had put me into before coming to the airport. See I am always cold so he was worried I would really be cold in the air. So I had 2 t shirts his sweat shirt ( my fav one so he never gets to wear the thing anymore) then he had me put on his winter coat( I don’t really have my own I pass all of mine to kids) over all of that. I actually laid my head down and took a bit of a nap while Marc was in the air. Sitting in the forester at the airport was the best little nap. We were parked directly in the sun it was beaming down on me.  So after his flight we chatted a bit before Kenny ( the pilot) took us in the next hanger over. The mini max hanger. Walking in it smelled awful of cigarettes and old men. Marc had forewarned of the cigarette smell before we entered. Oh but once you got past that smell and took the time to look around it was unbelievable what you could see. These old men were building the coolest planes. Kit planes were something I had never heard of. I had never pictured little old men hand building planes my mind went to machines doing such work I guess. The attention to detail was insane. The time they spent on these planes I was completely blown away. I was in awe of their talents completely. I also thought to myself this is where my kid should be. Malachi has a brain that just loves soaking up knowledge. I want so much for him to live a fulfilled life and I don’t think that books is the way he will do that. I think he needs hands on experiences. Little old men sharing their knowledge. I watch him with Marc and how much he loves sharing things he knows and learning from him. I wish my grandpa and dad (dad’s ) were around to show him things share what they have learned over their lifetimes. I just feel like he is missing out on so much. Anyway back to these planes. So walking around this hanger and it was HUGE I mean HUGE I was clicking pictures like crazy so I could share with the kids what I was seeing. They were fitting 2 gas tanks into the wings of one of the planes while I was there. Speaking of all the time consuming details they had already completed by hand. The purple plane was by far my favorite of these. I starred around the room trying not to miss a thing while soaking up the foreign language they were talking about engines and planes and flying. Even some about crashing and landing on the tops of trees. The tops are softer you know…. Can you imagine landing in the tops of trees???? HOLY SHIT I would pee myself for sure. I think we were in there for about an hour with me in awe of it all. Kenny repeated a few times to come back whenever I’d like. Gosh I’d like to be there every warm day he starts the plane up! lol.

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