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Yesterday I had the experience of a lifetime! I’m sure you can guess who created my amazing memory. It was the amazing man that has secured his place in my heart forever. The night before I was bantering about how I needed to job search and clean up from flood. I had a million task that were stressful and not thrilling in the slightest. Marc so casually says well what time are you planning to do that because I was thinking of taking you flying. My mouth dropped. I was shocked I wanted to go soooo badly. Nothing was important enough of a task once flying came out of his mouth. When we first got together maybe just a few weeks in Marc took a flight over my work and sent me a picture. I remember the day I got the picture thinking it was the coolest thing in the world. I showed my co workers and I think I even shared it in a face book post. Now I was laying in bed dreaming of the pictures I would have a chance to take myself. When we got to the airport yesterday morning I was a ball of excitement. I tend to be on the quiet side with people I don’t know. So I may not have showed all the excitement that was bottled up inside but I was ready to burst when I seen the plane I would soon be inside in the air. The take off was incredible. Watching Marc film me going up you couldn’t have wiped the smile from my face if you tried. I am a very short girl so I had a difficult time seeing over the front of the plane but I had the perfect view from my window.  We circled my flooded home giving me a good look at how much the water had gone down. Also a good look at how much is still very much flooded in my area and surrounding areas. I seen a few flooded home and fields that were just soaked. Ponds forming in big open fields from all the water. I got to go over barbott farms and you could still make out the frozen characters that had been made in the corn maze. We went to the beach and the water was incredibly colorful gave the appearance of the Caribbean in parts. The water was a muddy brown that would go into a teal and blue. I couldn’t take enough pictures. I could have stayed up there forever. It was amazing. As we came in to land and I seen Marc my heart over filled that he had given me this experience. Later at dinner we are talking and I find out Marc had been invited to fly a few days before. He had told the pilot he wasn’t sure if he could go though because he wanted to give his time to me.  It was at that time I was added to the invite. He would have missed out of his favorite thing in the world for me. Just to spend time with me. Can you imagine being someone’s priority that much. He would have given up flying to pick up garbage at a home he would rather I didn’t live.  How did I even find this man? Or get so blessed to be the one he loves? I should have been there with my community I feel guilty for not being there. The memory I made with Marc was well worth the guilt that consumes me now. He is the greatest gift I have ever been given. I am truly blessed.

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