What defines me?

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It’s intoxicating his touch. His hands running in just the right place is liable to take my breath right from my lungs. I have had one of the more stressful weeks of my life and of course he was my rock the entire time. He calms me in any situation. His touch though it takes me away from whatever I am doing and controls my mind. I can think of nothing else but where his hand is and where it is going next. I am memorized by it. The sex is unbelievable. Like I know it’s this new fresh perfect relationship and most are great sex in the beginning because it’s new and your exploring fun things. This is not because it’s new it’s insanely perfect. Like I can’t imagine sex ever being better then this. I can’t imagine how I ever assumed that the sub par sex I was getting was anything near good. Looking back now I’m blown away by home much time I wasted. I am kinda regretful at the lengths that I went to enjoy and have fun and fell short of accomplishing anything desirable. Now it’s natural and exciting all the time. Every single touch lights me on fire from the inside out! LOVE IS FANTASTIC

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Flood Recovery

To help my family recoup cost from hotels lost food and water damage.



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