Great Mornings :) ( adult only post)

This morning I woke up extra early. I am completely filled with excitement. See last night before going to bed in his arms while I am discussing lame task I needed to complete the next day my boyfriend casually drops the well I was going to take you flying in the morning. Yes, like flying in a plane. I have NEVER flown before. I have never done most of the things he takes me to do though so no real surprise. He has shared his love for planes with me. I feel like it’s a privileged to listen to him share his love and passion. It’s genuine and comes straight from his heart. By 6 am this morning I could not stand it anymore I had to be awake I had laid trying to close my eyes and drift back off before defining sleep as a failed mission. I laid staring at the sexy ass man laying in bed with me that I get to call mine. Can you imagine he is all mine! Blessed am I! I scouted a bit closer to him knowing what he would do when I did before he even did it. Completely asleep and all he can sense when I am close and wanting to have those arms wrap me up. I got close enough for those sensors to go off and up his arm went. Leaving me to slide in onto his chest and be wrapped in his arms. His arms are so safe and secure and sexy omg are they sexy!!!! I would say I was instantly desiring more of his touch the second my head hit his chest. I looked at the clock 2 more hours before I am to wake him. Ill just lay here I thought. Just enjoy the rhythm of his heart beat. I run my hands over his body. Touching him makes me begin to get moist. I can’t even control myself within an instant I have taken him into my mouth. Gently kissing,sucking, and teasing.  He wakes and removes his mask to give me the attention I am clearly craving. Would you like to have sex he whispers as I continue to flick my tongue all around his delicious member. He had no need to ask again I was ready for him to be inside of me. After making love I go give him a kiss and head to the bathroom to clean up. I returned to my love to find him curled back up in his blanket fast asleep. One more hour and I’ll wake him for our adventure of the day. There is not a day of my life I don’t look forward to spending with this man. He is the greatest thing that has ever happened to me.

Flood Recovery

To help my family recoup cost from hotels lost food and water damage.


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