What defines me?

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This morning I am about to go flying for the first time in my life. WHAT A COOL ADVENTURE!!! So I am already completely hyped up about being in a plane but now I am also getting to watch my amazing bf put his plane together to fly around while I am up in

Donation For Flood Burden

My family was apart of the flood in berrien springs mi. We haven’t been home since last weds. The financial burden is great any help is appreciated


memories behind because I know I have always longed for more of my gpa when he passed. I wanted the photograph of the memories that were fading. So now I keep those pictures for my loved ones. I wondered sitting on the couch taking his picture while he says what are you doing and stop it if he would look back at these after I am gone and remember how much I loved being at his side. How much I adored his smile. Is that morbid that I always think about the afters now like my life is already over or something. I want him to look at these pictures and know he was the center of my world. His smile his smile warms me.

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