What defines me?

Cancer , A Dozen Kids , Life, Struggle

I am so glad that I passed on my love for cooking to my kids. I take pride in knowing that they can cook and not some boxed mac and cheese but real soul soothing cuisine. I have cooked with my kids since they could walk. Maybe even before a bit because I had those bumbo seats and just always had them on counter with me. Cooking is my way of escape. I can be in the kitchen and all the worry is gone while I watch the batter spin…. Its just my thing. My kids can share in my love and passion and that is amazing. Allen has even gone further and expanded into taking baking and cooking courses offered through varies programs. Him and Malachi often spend time creating recipes or concoctions ad the boys so lovingly refer to them as. When our lives were more settled I held a cooking club in my house. I loved having 30 kids fill my house to make delicious food. The kids bonded with new kids that normally they wouldn’t have ever spoken too during those classes. I have been thinking a lot about maybe I can just not worry about a 9-5 and give my time to my blog my kids… Maybe restart cooking club volunteer a bit more. Actually make it to a few doctor apts. I have the tools to provide from home but have always frowned upon that myself feeling like a out of the home job was what I needed to show people…. I make more if I stay home though so that doesn’t even make sense. Hmmmm decisions.


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