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I woke up this morning looking around the hotel room and realizing how I needed to wake my children an hour early for school because I need to drive them so far to get there. I again feel like I have failed them. I wake them and Allen is very upset not wanting to go to school as he hasn’t had much for clothes in days and he worries they will make fun of him. Sadly they probably will because kids aren’t very nice. I looked around at all the fast food boxes stacking up from the expensive garbage I have been feeding my kids. Hundreds of dollars that could and should have went to catching up debt and saving for our future is gone. I realize I can’t keep up with the expense of this hotel. I will sink before I know it. So I’ll check out today. My kids need to be in school in berrien and I need to be in stevensville for work. This is a nightmare. My 14 miles to a gallon gas guzzler of a vehicle doesn’t help the matters at all. There hasn’t been any relief from the financial burden at all. There was a message on my facebook yesterday with a list of numbers and such to call but I just haven’t had time to sit and decifier it as it is forever long. I hung on for about the first 6 to 7 mins of the video before life consumed me and I shut if off. I know resources exist but unsure how to obtain them. My life is so incredibly stressful. I have to get these rooms cleaned up now and because there was a pool it seems there are not any clean clothes left a big issue when you have very little. I just wish I could wake up and it all be over. Me be home and happy with my minions…. River+Springs+Estates+flooding

Donation For Flood Burden

My family was apart of the flood in berrien springs mi. We haven’t been home since last weds. The financial burden is great any help is appreciated


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