The thoughts running through my mind as he lays here ……( adults only post)

I am a morning person by far I am awake most morning’s by 5 am and sleep in till 7ish on the weekends. My love he is a night person he likes to stay up late and sleep till noon when he is able. I thought at first this could become as issue for us. It’s the furthest from though. You see right now he is asleep even though I have been up for about an hour my actions don’t wake him. It’s typical for me to get up grab the computer and work during the few hours he is still asleep. I look over at him in his giant t shirt. It’s his favorite brand but he wears a size smaller in that brand so he has a few original shirts before he knew they ran a size larger. Those are his bed shirts. I make sure to have one laying on his bed everyday he comes home from work. Anyway the t shirt just covers his belly and then he uses a blanket to cover the bottom half. On the nights I sleep over. The weekends basically as I have weekday restrictions in place. On those nights he grabs a second blanket from the closet because he knows how cold I get and leaves me have the one on the bed. SO now here I lay next to him smiling thinking how lucky I am that he grabs that second blanket and puts me first. Or how he set up the laptop in the bedroom for me from the very beginning days to make sure I had something to do while he slept. I look over and just want to ravish him all morning because he’s so sexy. I could roll towards him right now and he would instinctively raise his arms to create my spot. The spot on his chest that I fit in perfectly. The one I snuggle into and feel the most love I have ever experienced. He will even rub down my arms and squeeze me tight if I roll towards him. If I have a bad dream its exactly what I do. If I get cold I’ll back into him pressing myself as close as I can to his warm body he will turn to hold me and I’ll be heated up in no time at all. He is like my little space heater. I get to wake him up every night I stay over. He did set the alarm the first couple times I stayed but he doesn’t bother with such things now. He knows my wake up will be far more enjoyable. I’m over here daydreaming of taking him into my mouth when it’s time to wake him. He hasn’t ever let me finish like that. As he pulls me on top of him or him on top of me every time. I enjoy touching teasing and kissing him. It’s exciting to watch his enjoyment. During sex when he cums he makes this wrinkled nose face. It’s the sexiest thing I have ever seen. I watch for it every time now. I’m curious to see the face he will make the day he finishes in my mouth. Sitting here naked I can’t take my eyes off him. It’s insane how much I crave this man. When I arrive at his house and he isn’t home it’s not any better. I still crave him without his presence. So I masturbate in his bed and tape it for him. I mean who doesn’t need a good porno for their lunch break right? I started off sending him videos to make him as hot and bothered as I was but it’s more than that. Sending him videos makes me feel sexy and confident. I have struggled with body image issues for all of time. I don’t now at all. Under his hands I am a goddess. His eyes glare at me with lust and love. I hated being naked when we meet I kept my shirt on for sex and spent a measurable amount of time pulling down my shirt during to keep my stomach from being exposed. Today when we came home from dinner took me all of 4 seconds to be naked prancing before him. He instilled a confidence in me that gives me the power to feel sexy! In return he has achieved fantastic sex anytime he pleases! I think I shall go taste him now I can’t hold out any longer.17498786_10208643858283177_6537651466114238089_n27066981_10210844255611735_7170259550907479165_n

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