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I guess my thoughts on jealousy are a bit more out of the box then most. Especially most women. I am not sure I really believe in monogamy not forever anyway. I do very strongly believe in trust and communication. I believe that  sex and love are very different. I don’t think they go hand in hand at all. If the man or woman I was seeing came to me and said I’m bored. My mind is wandering even though I am madly in love with you I have desires that I can’t shake. I would take the time to address that. I wouldn’t be jealous that he needed more than I can give in the moment. I would be confident in his love even more because the man came to me before making a choice to cheat. I would open the door to communicating on fixing the problem. I’m not really saying I’d put this free pass for him to do as he wishes but I wouldn’t be jealous of him having a physical relationship with another. I find my jealousy coming more from if he gave his time to another without my knowledge. Or sharing a moment that was special to me. If I came home to find him getting a blow job by a random I’d be far less upset then if I came home to him watching Blue Planet with some random. I have had many partners that we enjoyed others engaging in our sexcapades I haven’t ever experienced any jealousy from such. I found it to be quite the turn on that to share my partners in the past. To a point I have had partners totally abuse it. I guess it really comes down to trust and communication. I have many friends going through so much with issues of jealousy right now. I have seen it tear people up from the inside out to feel not good enough. Truthfully every body is different feels different touch is different. We have little control over much of that. I haven’t even ever thought of comparing myself to another girl in bed. I seem to pay attention learn from things. I guess if you have only a connection in bed with your partner I can see the jealousy coming into play. I have a connection so deep with my partner right now I don’t think that baddest bitch could climb into bed with us and take him from me. So sex is just purely a physical exploration and I have no issues with us exploring whatever in the future. I think the biggest issue that brings cheating into play is not communicating even if a girl wouldn’t be so willing to let you get a little strange as I would. I am sure she would be willing to spice things up in the bedroom with a little communication. I never understand why it was so hush hush sex… Why can’t we just say hey this needs some fine tuning my satisfaction level isn’t where I need it to be. Adjustments seem like they could be made if they were made known. Women especially find it difficult to speak up.  Men are really just completely clueless. A little guided direction goes a very long way! I was asked if I’d ever live a poly lifestyle and yes I could see me doing so easily. Not that I have any plans or goals of such but I wouldn’t be against it at all. I love my current sex life it hasn’t lacked anything for me. All my needs have been meet and exceeded but I have thought of bringing a girl home to him for a treat. I don’t need to do so because he needs extra or I do though just as a fun time. I trust him completely and wouldn’t feel an ounce of jealousy. Some girls see that as me not having confidence in myself that I can please my man. That isn’t the case either. I garuntee I do a good job at that as well. I don’t feel I need to bring home anyone for him or I. I think that it would just be a fun experience. Life is short we just get one run at this. Why not live a little. Enjoy all there is to enjoy? Why not make his fantasies a reality. Show him how much trust I have and confidence I have that I am his. Even bringing him home some fine ass bitch who can take all of him in her mouth would not make him not enjoy me any less hell wouldn’t that be the opposite effect won’t he want me and enjoy me more for bringing him home his hot little treat? Idk maybe my ideas on sex are off and twisted a bit. But who cares my life right…. monogamy

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