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So you know just laying here in his bed waiting for him to come home from work. I am completely craving his attention thinking of his touch and presence. I realize though I pretty much non stop have a desire for his attention. Through out the day no matter how minimal something seems in my life chances are I shared it with him. I enjoy sharing everything with that man. When we had dinner in Chicago every single time he would rub my should or grace my back with his hand or arm or whatever the case may be it would send happy signals to all my receptors I swear. At times the smallest touch has the ability to just take my breath away. I’ve been told it’s because it’s a new fresh relationship but I think that is a bunch of bullshit. I think it is simply because I am in love. Even just noticing him looking at me with that sexy lustful I want you look that attention is enough to send me up a wall. I am just such a fiend for it. I am counting down moments till he walks in knowing even if I fall asleep he will walk in and kiss my forehead. I think the attention he gives is so overly desired because it has never been negative. He always fills the bucket never empties it kinda thing. The gratification from his attention soothes my soul. I can’t imagine being him trying to keep up with my need for it though. I text him all day long. I never stop. I have to share everything are you kidding he is my best friend. I don’t call to much but if I do he answers he at work. I think he knows calling isn’t my thing so if I do it’s probably for a significant reason. If I need a kiss or a hug even if it’s been a long day I guarantee he would find a way to make it happen.  Can you tell from reading I am in dire need of that attention right now? Being in his bed waiting but far from patient. me4

2 thoughts on “His Attention :)

  1. Bridget Freeman says:

    I’m so sorry u are going through this battle & if you ever need help u will be a helping hand. I can come clean for u or take one of the kids off ur hands for a bit.. I would love to help anyway I can &
    Just wanted to say… as far as ur relationship situation,do what your heart is telling you to. I live a few streets down from u and Jacob knows me very well. Just let me know if u need any help. U can send me a text anytime 269-697-3585

  2. Bridget Freeman says:

    By the way I’m not Jacobs age lol just know him.

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