You know just some more about sex…. (adults only)

SO I am currently in bed naked with him laying next to me. At seven am I woke up realizing there was far too much distant between him and I on the bed. My eyes opened and I craved his touch….. I roll over to press my body to his. Sliding off the only clothing I had on my sweater I had gracefully fell asleep in earlier in the night. I kissed his shoulder and he moved. I rubbed my hands down his body and he raised his arm to take me into his grasp. His embrace intoxicates me. It’s euphoric really what his touch can do. We lay a few moments caressing each other before he retreats to the bathroom. I hear the cabinet open and know he is brushing his teeth before returning. For me this means kisses. I can feel myself get moist because I know he is going to make sweet love to me before returning to his blissful slumber state. I wait impatiently for his return.  As he climbs back into bed I am filled with anticipation every single touch has me reaching for climax.  I have never had sex so fulfilling. So fun. Now lets not confuse and think I have had a boring uneventful sex life cause that is far from the case. I have had the threesomes, foursomes, have played with bondage, water play, orgies, I have taken time to experiment for sure. I can’t remember ever really enjoying sex every time like  I do with Marc. I tried all this off the wall out of the box to enjoy sex and none of it really was what I wanted. I was tied up and watched tied up and teased. I guarantee you my body didn’t get half as excited or pleasure from any of that. Under his touch my body aches with desire. He fulfills every voluptuous desire inside of me. Having a sex life you enjoy is refreshing. Having a sex life where you feel like you fulfill your partner as much as he does you is incredible. I lay here naked after just having made love to my partner and I feel satisfied and appeased. Now he will sleep and I shall ponder on how I got so lucky!26903733_10210838684472460_6622547450481149004_n

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