What defines me?

Cancer , A Dozen Kids , Life, Struggle

Last night was the first night of orientation for my new position. I sat down in the seat extremely nervous. Upon sitting my trainor tells me that they have heard a lot about me. That they have me training in each position of the house. I even had more then one position listed on my training booklet. This place has confidence in me before even seeing my abilities. The general manager had been one of my customers at a previous employer so he had seen some of my skills in action. I took a deep inhale they have confidence because you are good at your job I kept pep talking myself. I think my own self doubt is my biggest enemy. I paid attention to every detail out of my trainors mouth clingy to details to stand above. I was the first to answer each question if it was a true or false I added correct answers as well. I read through everything put before me every word not just a skim through. I was like a sponge to the best of my ability soaking in all knowledge I could. The red coat program had every bit of my attention. I took notes on the ladder that was laid out before me ready for me to take charge and climb. I could see it in my trainor this was my fit. My giggly happy self would be a match for her’s. I toured the entire building taking my sweet time as I walked past the fire place as I was a total popsicle. I thought how grateful I was that my boyfriend bought me all long sleeves for my work attire. I was given so many tools for success. I was shown where I can learn and grow and where I can strengthen my abilities. Everything in my hands to make the future bright. I feel empowered and secure I can’t wait for the future. 401k and insurance is now on my babies! I did that I gave them that.

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